The Water Flight is one of the 11 flights in Flight Rising.

It is led by The Tidelord and residents live in the Sea of a Thousand Currents. Their eye color is royal blue. It is the 9th largest, 3rd smallest, flight as of March 18th, 2017.


Water Runestone

The water dragons of the Sea of a Thousand Currents are oracles. They prefer to be as fluid as the waves and currents of the oceans. Of all the dragons, water dragons are the most mysterious, predicting the many futures that may come to pass, but revealing nothing of what they divine to outsiders. Shells and magic orbs are their favored treasures.

According to some sources, water dragons have the ability to breathe underwater as well as see the future. They can share this ability with other dragons if they so choose. The reigning god of the Water Flight is the Tidelord.


Region Water

The Water Flight is located in the Sea of a Thousand Currents. The Sea is bordered by the Light, Plague, Wind, Shadow, Lightning, and Fire Flight territories. The land is separated into four parts: Tsunami Flats, Fishspine Reef, Leviathan Trench, and The Spiral Keep.

Region Image Description
Tsunami Flats

Tsunami Flats

A becalmed coastal stretch of shoals and giant tidal pools. Dragons occupy the pools, burrowing into the loamy sand shaping half-submerged underwater caves with their small, but growing magics. Sustenance, in the form of amphibious reptiles and fish, is abundant, Although seemingly a frontier, it is at these shores that the Water God is most able to protect his charges, employing tidal wave defenses to menance away aggressors.
Fishspine Reef

Fishspine Reef

The coral here roots deep into the dried marrow of gargantuan bones left behind from an ancient battle in a forgotten era. Whether these remains are of monstrous fish, dragons of yore, or something completely other, the Fishspine is crowded by lost history, sunken artifacts, and drowned spirits.
Leviathan Trench

Leviathan Trench

The deepest part of the world. The sea beneath the sea is a treacherous and savage place possessing of an unforgiving undertow and precious little light, Many wonders are said to exist here - more relics of prehistory - shrouded, even from the Tidelord's gaze, by a silty, unbroken twilight occupied by alien fish, and far worse. It is in the safety of the cliff faces that the flights dig their homes, and into the unknown that their bravest dare dive.
The Spiral Keep

The Spiral Keep

An immense conch, settled and pressed into the very bottom of the seabed. The pressure here is so intense, that the integrity of this mysterious structure is pressed to its limit, nearly imploding under the weight of the water churning overhead. Within this dreary coil, the Tidelord bellows and moans his prophecies, which are carried to the surface by way of billions of tiny bubbles.


Familiars that can be directly related to the flight by their description and/or elemental affinity in the Coliseum.

Powers and Abilities

Water stats

Water Dragons rule over the element of Water.

Water-specific Battle Stones

Wave Slash
Wave Slash

A forceful slash of seawater. Deals physical Water damage to one target. May only be used by water dragons.

Hydro Bolt
Hydro Bolt

A powerful stream of tide water. Deals Water damage to one target. May only be used by water dragons.


Douses the target in a curtain of seawater. Has a chance to apply Slow. (The target's speed is drastically reduced.) May only be used by water dragons.

Aquatic Acuity Fragment
Aquatic Acuity Fragment

When assigned, this fragment empowers one Water dragon with +2 Intellect.

Aquatic Might Fragment
Aquatic Might Fragment

When assigned, this fragment empowers one Water dragon with +2 Strength.

Game Play


The eyes of Water Dragons are a royal blue.

Native Breeds

Water Dragon 1

Currently the Guardian is the only breed native to the Fishspine Reef.

Eggs & Nest

Egg Water

"A rough, porous egg that is covered in barnacles. Bubbles are forming at the cracks and crevices that make up its shell, which is soaked through with seawater." - Unhatched Water Egg

Water eggs look like cracked rocks covered with barnacles. They are surrounded by bubbles. The nest itself is an alcove surrounded by various underwater plants and organisms including barnacles, sea anemones, and seaweed.

Water Nest

Page Layout

The Water Flight page background features an ocean floor scattered with various underwater plants and organisms, mostly various corals and seaweed. There are also varying rock formations including rocks with holes in them and spiked rocks.

Population and Players

As of January 15th 2016, the Water Flight has 13,678 members.

Wavecrest Saturnalia

The Wavecrest Saturnalia is the elemental holiday of the Water Flight. It takes place in the last week of April.

Image Gallery


  • Although there is no breedable color named Water, there is one called Aqua.
  • The water flight considers all bodies of water to be theirs by right, but they have only ever been able to reliably hold the Sea of a Thousand Currents, rather than the larger body of water surrounding the continent.[1]

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Water Flight Water Rune
God The Tidelord
Locations Sea of a Thousand Currents
Events Wavecrest Saturnalia


  1. Weekly Q&A: Jul 31, 2015
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