Region Nature

The Viridian Labyrinth is considered the pulsing, verdant center of what remains of the Gladekeeper's ambitious campaign to blanket the world in life abundant. From the dark sweated jungles, shamanistic clans weave the wildlife around them into formidable tree villages and hideaways, content enough to cling to the waning growth of the world through roots and streams.

Region Information

Zone Element: Nature

Reigning God: The Gladekeeper

Indigenous Life: Spinach, Black Capped Budgie


Everbloom Gardens

Nature 0

The lush, tropical growth of Everbloom Gardens entices the senses: beautiful tri-colored hummingbirds flit between blossoms, weaving a nectar-rich symphony in the brilliant flowers that blanket the forest floor and perfume the humid breeze. Succulent, low-hanging fruits grow ripe in trees on rivulets fed from deep pools of crystal-clear water. Fledgling dragons can begin their journey in the relative safety of the low-growing flora.

The Gladeveins

Nature 1

The Gladeveins contain a tiered structure of aqueducts and waterfalls running through fallen and hewn logs, a testament to the ingenuity of the woodland denizens. Water floods in controlled deluges, soaking the soil, washing clean the environment, and providing continual, refreshing sustenance for the tall timber forming the natural outer walls of the Viridian Labyrinth within.

Shrieking Wilds

Nature 2

The dense, jungle overgrowth of the Shrieking Wilds cloaks the land in darkness even during the day, creating a haven for the nocturnal beasts leaping between boughs and swinging from thick, ropy vines. Ancient mossy trees, wrapt and bent around twisting footpaths, forever quake with activity above, and the air is astir with the bellows of hidden creatures.

The Behemoth

Nature 3

An enormous tree at the heart of the maze. Some say that the Gladekeeper herself lives within its great trunk, while others believe that the tree itself is grown into her mighty flank. So colossally does it rise, that it is visible from nearly every horizon in the world, a reminder of the power of unbridled life.

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