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Scavenged lightning egg
Unhatched Eggs are dragon eggs that a player can find either by Scavenging, through their daily Gathering turns, or very rarely as loot drops from defeating monsters in the Coliseum. Unhatched Eggs, when hatched, will give the player a First Generation dragon (meaning it has no parents listed) whose colors and species are randomly generated; their alignment corresponds to the egg's element. Only basic-gened Starter Dragons (Fae, Guardian, Mirror, and Tundra) can be obtained from Unhatched Eggs. However, you can also obtain Nocturnes from Unhatched Nocturne eggs, available only during the Night of the Nocturne event, and Bogsneaks, which eggs are obtainable on Baldwin's Bubbling Brew at level 16.

Besides obtaining Unhatched Eggs through Scavenging or Coliseum battles, players can also often purchase Unhatched Eggs through the Auction House from other players. There are a total of 13 types of Unhatched Eggs - one for each Flight of the game, the Unhatched Nocturne Egg, and the Bogsneak egg, in which the element of the hatchling is random.

If a player is looking for a specific egg type while Gathering, then they must be gathering in the territory of the same Flight alignment of the egg that they are searching for. For example, if a certain player wanted to find an Unhatched Plague Egg, then that player would need to Scavenge in the Plague area in order to have a bigger chance of discovering an egg of that alignment. But, it is not possible to find an Arcane egg while Scavenging in an Earth area. Similarly, if a player is trying to obtain a specific variety of egg by battling in the Coliseum - such as an Unhatched Light Egg - then they would need to focus on fighting Light-aligned monsters in order to have the chance of a defeated enemy dropping an Unhatched Light Egg as loot.


Getting any one of these eggs will award the player with an achievement for the success of finding an egg. There are a total of 11 Achievements - one for each flight/egg type. The player receives 20 Achievement Points for each one, earning the corresponding Achievement for that particular flight/egg type.

List of Unhatched EggsEdit

Unhatched Arcane EggEdit


A quivering, unhatched arcane egg. It is glowing pink and violet with strange energies. An irregular thumping is coming from within.

Unhatched Earth EggEdit


A rough unhatched boulder of an egg. It is extremely heavy, and pebbles fall away every time it shakes. The hatchling within must be very strong.

Unhatched Fire EggEdit


A smouldering, unhatched fire egg. It is almost too hot to hold and is rocking back and forth constantly. Its cragged surface is pulsing with embers.

Unhatched Ice EggEdit


A razor sharp egg crusted in hoarfrost. Must have been painful. It is frigid and heavy, encasing a ferocious creature inside. A single crack is snaking its way across the shell.

Unhatched Light EggEdit


A beaming, crystalline egg that is nearly perfectly round. It is difficult to look straight at this egg, but something makes you want to.

Unhatched Lightning EggEdit


A super-charged glassy egg with a flashing baby dragon inside. The egg is hard to look at for long periods of time, but quite the conversation topic.

Unhatched Nature EggEdit


A fertile, earthen pod that has attracted a healthy colony of fireflies. It is bursting with ripe, healthy green leaves and looks about ready to bloom.

Unhatched Plague EggEdit


A slimy, writhing pustule, complete with a stench to match. This egg is dangerous, for it incubates a twisted, twitching, virulent creature inside its translucent membranes.

Unhatched Shadow EggEdit


A murky, swampy egg that is pulsating with a strange purple glow. The egg feels as though it might just be full of fluid, but now and again, a dark form can be seen moving within.

Unhatched Water EggEdit


A rough, porous egg that is covered in barnacles. Bubbles are forming at the cracks and crevices that make up its shell, which is soaked through with seawater.

Unhatched Wind EggEdit


A soft-shelled egg that is patterned with swirls. It bounces at every sound, as if it wishes to dance with the activities surrounding it.

Unhatched Nocturne Egg Edit

Unhatched nocturne egg

A tiny Nocturne hatchling grows within. The thick, armored shell makes it unclear what elemental alignment it has taken.

Unhatched Bogsneak Egg Edit

Unhatched Bogsneak Egg

A tiny Bogsneak hatchling grows within. The thick, armored shell makes it unclear what elemental alignment it has taken.

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