Treasure Icon treasure is the primary currency in Flight Rising. Your current amount of treasure is listed in the information box at the top right of the page underneath your username and the energy bar.

Treasure can be used to purchase site features (such as lair expansions), dragons from other players at the Crossroads or Auction House, items at the Marketplace, and items listed by other players at the Auction House.

Earning TreasureEdit

Earning treasure is a relatively easy thing to do and can be done in a large variety of ways. For instance, if you keep your dragons' Energy over 80% for three days, you will start earning 250 treasure per day as long as the Energy stays above 80%. And if a more active approach to earning treasure is your style, up to 75,000 treasure can be won through playing Fairgrounds games each day.

Treasure can also be earned through:

  • Hoard selling items found in the Coliseum or from Gathering
  • by listing items or dragons on the Auction House for other players to buy
  • trading unwanted items or dragons at the Crossroads directly to another player
  • exalting unwanted dragons
  • finding items for Crim
  • answering Tomo's questions correctly
  • opening chests

Treasure cannot be purchased with real-world money, but it is possible to purchase Gems and then in turn trade them (with other players) for treasure, or sell items from the Gem Marketplace for treasure.

Treasure (and gems) can also be gained via "unofficial" activities, such as player-run Raffles or selling services like art or writing. However, as there is no in-game trade mechanism for these, they require a level of trust; the players involved have to negotiate their own terms, and FR staff will not enforce those terms if one side fails to deliver. However, Flight Rising has a rich history of player-run economics; while these activities are often too confusing or require too much specific knowledge for new players, they are very rarely scams, and most players are supportive of newcomers.