"My children always come home…" [1]

The Shadowbinder is one of The Eleven, and reigns over The Tangled Wood and the Shadow Flight.


The Shadowbinder is a dark, shadowy dragon, who appears to drool and drip the shadows themselves. Her large, black wings, with translucent membranes, seem to be capable of functioning similarly to legs. Her spine, neck, and face are decorated with pointed fins and frills, while her eyes glow a pale purple. Her shadowy secretions- possibly her saliva- seem to be volatile substances, sizzling on contact with the ground.

Adept and calculating, the Shadowbinder could easily be considered the most shrewd of the Gods. Instead of revealing herself immediately after her birth, she elected to remain hidden in the shadows to analyze her fellow deities and infer whatever she could, rather than choosing to rush headlong into the possibly dangerous unknown.

The First Age Edit

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The Shadowbinder is the second of the four deities born during the battles of the First Four, being born as the counterpart to The Lightweaver. She is inadvertently created when the rituals of night and day are disrupted by the magical energies which wreak havoc upon the world; the unstable magical energies in the night-gripped half of the planet materialize into her. She hides in the shadowy pockets of the land, judging the First Four as they wreck the world that had taken them an eternity to carefully create.

The Shadowbinder controlled her own lands with an iron fist. Unchecked, she was a cold and aggressive ruler who plunged each night into a foul murk. Without someone to level out her shadow magic, nothing could flourish where she reigned.

From the void came the defiling Shade, who sapped so much light from the lands that even the Shadowbinder grew fearfully distressed- though she still made sure to assure the world of her power with a desperate bellow of defiance, in spite of herself. Alongside her companion deities, she retaliated against the Shade with vehemence to help defend their world.

After the Shade was driven away, The Shadowbinder worked with the other seven deities to shield the world with the formation of the Pillar, to allow life to thrive without their divine chaos and to prevent the nightmarish darkness from returning to do far worse. The Eight sealed themselves away in this Pillar, using their combined powers to fuse themselves into a structure reaching above the clouds in their last act as the world's makers.

The Second Age Edit

The Shadowbinder was not seen during the Second Age, instead slumbering in the Pillar for its entirety. [2]

The Third Age Edit

The Shadowbinder is not seen until the conclusion of the Third Age; it is the shattering of the Pillar by The Arcanist, and subsequent releasing of the deities from their self-imposed exile, which brings about its end.

Age of Flight Rising Edit

At the start of this new age, all of the Eight leave the destroyed Pillar. The Shadowbinder finds the brightness of the day extremely discomforting; it is mentioned that she wouldn't last long in the morning light, which appears to have negative effects on her. Regardless, The Earthshaker attempts to get her attention, but she dismisses him, claiming that she doesn't really like him anyway- or any of her fellow deities, for that matter. From shadow to shadow, she hobbles off into the distance to be in solitude once more.


  • At one point the deities were going to have 'actual' names rather than the element-adjective names most have now. The Shadowbinder's is theorized to have been Undel.[3]
  • The Shadowbinder is the only deity in Flight Rising whose name has four syllables.
  • Whispering a secret into a maple leaf and then releasing it at night is believed by dragons to curry favor with the Shadowbinder.
  • The Shadowbinder is one of six deities that has the name of her flight in her title.
  • Shadowbinder is affectionately called Shadowmom, Puddlemom, or Droolmom by her Shadowling followers.



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