"We are the beacon that shines for our world." [1]

The Lightweaver is one of The Eleven, and reigns over the Sunbeam Ruins and the Light Flight. She is kept company in her lair by the dragon Boston. She also has a Light Sprite as her familiar.


The Lightweaver is colored in various shades of yellow. Her fingers and toes are long and spindly while her ears are very long as well. She has fins, similar in appearance to a Fae dragon's, along her spine and eye ridges as well as under her jawline. Sprouting off the tips of her fins and wing fingers are long filaments ending in glowing golden baubles.



The Lightweaver's Slab on the top of the tower.

The God of the Light Flight is known as the Lightweaver. She is one of the deities born in the First Age. "As the four clashed, the magic essences that were kicked up during the day hovered high in the sky, baking in the sunlight. They soon coalesced into their own bright deity."Alongside the other seven deities she fought against the approaching shade. After the battle was formed the seven forged a truce, and created the World Pillar.[2]


Original version The Light Weaver by neondragon

The Light Weaver concept art by Jessica Peffer (Undel)

References Edit

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