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Swipp's Swap Stand
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Swipp is a male Fae Dragon in Flight Rising who runs a stand at the Trading Post. He is on the lookout for item trades; players can trade him a specific item in exchange for rare or special items, or for large quantities of more common items.

Swipp is outgoing (referring to players as "friend"), but unlike his Trading Post cohabitants Crim and Pinkerton, his personality is not otherwise on display; in fact, Swipp himself is easy to miss at his cart because of his small stature and drab coloration.

Swipp offers 12 trades daily that cycle roughly every two hours - not as often as Crim's hourly lists, but not as rarely as Pinkerton's daily gifts from his Plundered Pile.

Swipp's OfferingsEdit

Swipp trades for a variety of items gained throughout the game, and users have put together an ongoing list  of what he has to offer. Using this list, these can be broken down into four groups:


1 Gold Ore

1 Platinum Ore

1 Silver Ore


Head PiecesEdit

Aqua Birdskull Headdress

Aqua Birdskull Necklace

Autumnal Wreath

Brass Steampunk Goggles

Cursed Talonclasp Pendant

Crown of Bones

Darksong Facemask

Diamondclasp Pendant

Mystic's Bark Mask

Pink Wooly Antennae

Raider's Helm

Runebead Necklace

Sunsong Facemask

Tan Bandana

Tawny Antlers

Tickled Hyacinth

 Body PiecesEdit

Aqua Birdskull Wingpiece

Darksong Haori

Emerald Green Satin Tunic

Gold Satin Tunic

Pink Wooly Coat

Sunsong Haori

Journeyman's Satchels

Venomscale Chest Guard

Venomscale Shoulder Guards

Leg PiecesEdit

Aqua Birdskull Armband

Aqua Birdskull Legband

Red Birdskull Legband **Will not be available from Swipp after March 31st**

Simple Gold Braclets

Venomscale Bracers

Venomscale Greaves

Tail PiecesEdit

Pink Wooly Tail

Venomscale Tail Guard


Black Tulip Flowerfall

Sakura Flowerfall


Blackwing Hummingbird

Death Seeker

Driftwood Baron

Fallout Streak

Glossy Duskrat

Iridescent Scaleback

Leafy Moth

Maned Cobra

Perching Java Sparrow

Radioactive Slime

Runic Bat

Spined Cobra

Storm Seeker


Broken Penny Jar

Gilded Decorative Chest

Swipp ExclusivesEdit

Some of the items that can be obtained from Swipp can be gotten elsewhere like the Coliseum or the Marketplace. However, a lot of them can only be obtained from Swipp (excluding the small chance of them showing up in chests or at Pinkerton's).


  • Aqua Birdskull Armband
  • Aqua Birdskull Headdress
  • Aqua Birdskull Legband
  • Aqua Birdskull Necklace
  • Aqua Birdskull Wingpiece
  • Autumnal Wreath
  • Black Tulip Flowerfall
  • Cursed Talonclasp Pendant
  • Darksong Facemask
  • Darksong Haori
  • Diamondclasp Pendant
  • Emerald Green Satin Tunic
  • Gold Satin Tunic
  • Journeyman's Satchels
  • Mystic's Bark Mask
  • Pink Wooly Antennae
  • Pink Wooly Coat
  • Pink Wooly Tail
  • Sakura Flowerfall
  • Sunsong Face Mask
  • Sunsong Haori
  • Tan Bandana
  • Tickled Hyacinith
  • Venomscale Bracers
  • Venomscale Chest Guard
  • Venomscale Greaves
  • Venomscale Shoulder Guards
  • Venomscale Tail Guard


  • Blackwing Hummingbird
  • Driftwood Baron
  • Glossy Duskrat
  • Maned Cobra
  • Perching Java Sparrow
  • Spined Cobra


  1. Swipp's Swap Stand items
  2. Swipp's Swap Stand (pinglist edit) - has the newest additions at the top
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