This item can be purchased from the specialty section of the Gem Marketplace for 1200 Icon gem.


Stained applies a tint to your dragon utilizing its tertiary color. The various tints and shades can subtly (or not so subtly) alter the look of a dragon, creating new hues to enjoy.

If a dragon has both a white primary and secondary with a colored Stained tertiary, it results in a pastel version of their tertiary across their whole bodies. The below Nocturnes are showcasing that effect.

Now showing off what this gene can really do is a banana Tiger, silver Shimmer Pearlcatcher with a basic tertiary.

Nostained pcf

Now here is that same Pearlcatcher displaying various colored Stained tertiaries.

  • With Banana Stained
  • With Caribbean Stained
  • With Red Stained
  • With Emerald Stained
  • With Fire Stained
  • With Violet Stained
  • With Magenta Stained


  • This item was introduced on January 30th, 2016.[1]