Snapper Dragons are wise, thoughtful dragons. The snapper species originates from The Shattered Plain, where the majority of the population still resides.

Physical Attributes

Snapper dragons are built solidly and low to the ground. Their impressive beaks are lined with molars that begin halfway down the jaw and continue all the way to the back. They are well suited for the environment of their native homeland. A land-bound species, their thick, blunted nails enable them to break through the shale of the Shattered Plains to the shallow wells of water that can occasionally be found below the surface, making survival in this harsh land possible. Here, they thrive.

While it is uncommon for a snapper to leave Dragonhome, many individuals have shifted their migratory routes into neighboring territories.


These dragons are nomadic, methodically following ancient, looping paths known only to their clan across the featureless plains. A snapper does not sleep and rarely stops moving.

Snappers are living encyclopedias. A dragon who is seeking difficult-to-obtain information will have the most luck unearthing it from a snapper clan - provided they have the patience for it. If you want two dozen quick answers, talk to a spiral. If you want a fully developed novel, follow a troupe of snappers around for a week.


With the the majority of their lives spent in travel, these dragons do not build permanent lairs. Snappers have difficulty residing in closed spaces or living in small, restricted territories. They do not do well in mixed-species lairs, and typically leave after a short duration. One to four times a year, (depending on the age and size of the dragon), a snapper will create a shallow burrow and spend several days molting. After emerging, they will pick up where they left off on their route.


Snappers do not seek confrontation, but when it presents itself they prefer a direct response. Their standard tactics involve trampling smaller foes beneath their bulk or use their powerful jaws to snap them out of the air. The crushing force of their beak is enough to shatter the scales and armored plating of most species.

When confronted with overwhelming odds, snappers will lower themselves to the ground, protecting their underbellies. Their back and sides are protected by a thick, rugged hide that is difficult to pierce. They attempt to (and often succeed at) outlast attacks made against them until help can arrive. It is difficult to move an entrenched snapper with anything but an opposing elemental attack.

Coliseum Info

Starting stats for snappers at level 1 are:

7 9 5 5 5 9 5

Their starting attacks are Anticipate and Shred, but can be altered using Battle Stones.

Skins & Accents

A list of available snapper skins and accents can be found on the wiki. Remember that these do not include every single skin/accent on site, only the official ones that can be found during holidays, drop in the coliseum, or are for sale in the marketplace.

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