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All Uncommon dragons

The only uncommon breed, in a variety of colors.

The Skydancer Dragon is one of the obtainable breeds, and was sponsored through the Flight Rising Kickstarter by Scorpius. They originate from the Windswept Plateau.

Marketplace Price is 400k Treasure.

Crim offers 80,000 treasure for the scroll, which sells for 40,000 treasure from the hoard.

Obtained: Treasure Market, Breeding

Rarity: Uncommon

Breeding Cooldown: 25 days

Diet: Insects, Plants

Physical AttributesEdit

Not Released Yet


Not Released Yet


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Not Released Yet

Coliseum InfoEdit

Starting stats for Skydancers at level 1 are:

4 4 5 9 9 4 9

Their starting attacks are Meditate and Contuse, but can be altered using Battle Stones.

Skins & AccentsEdit

A list of available Skydancer skins and accents can be found on the wiki. Remember that these do not include every single skin/accent on site, only the official ones that can be found during holidays, drop in the coliseum, or are for sale in the marketplace.

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  • Skydancers were released on August 24th, 2013. Scrolls were initially hard to come by due to the mass want for the new breed, but demand stabilized within a month.
  • The concept art of this breed was done by user Scorpius who donated enough to get the Dragon Dreamer slot on the Kickstarter. Jessica "Neondragon" Peffer, who is Flight Rising's main artist, did the final lineart as with all dragon breeds.
  • Skydancers are currently the only breed that start with stats below 5.
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