Skins and Accents are user-created items that apply a unique coat of paint or isolated design to a selected dragon. They are applied much like a piece of Apparel and will not affect the genes of a dragon when it breeds. Skins can cover up any amount greater than 30% of the dragon's surface area (skins less than 100% coverage are unofficially referred to as "skincents"), while accents are used for smaller designs (up to 30% area covered; note that accents submitted for festivals should have 20% to 50% coverage) such as tattoos or scars. Skins and accents can be resold and traded whenever you like.


Each blueprint can be used to turn your custom skin creation into a unique item that can be equipped to your dragon and worn like a coat of paint. Blueprints for skins are 2000 Gems and blueprints for accents are 1000 Gems. You can buy them here.

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Creating a SkinEdit

Download PSDs of the appropriate breed/gender you desire to skin. The dragon you plan to skin must be the same breed/gender as the skin you create. Ex: You cannot apply a Guardian Dragon skin to a Fae Dragon.

If you are making a skin, you need a program that can support PSD format. Once opened in your art program, there are several layers containing different parts of the dragon.


  • Make the lineart layer significantly darker than the surrounding colors
  • Resize the image to 350x350
  • Keep the background transparent

Do not:

  • Use really dark blacks
  • Make changes to the lineart or go outside the lines
  • Use stock photos or overwhelming textures
  • Reference or use copywrited material Ex. no logos

Skins must be approved by an administrator, then turned into an item. This process is stated to take anywhere from 5-7 days after you submit the skin, but wait times vary and have been known to reach multiple weeks. Your skin will arrive in your message center.

The copies that you receive will depend upon the skin bundle that you selected. If you selected a 10 skin blueprint, you will receive 10 copies of your skin. You can save the extras, give them to a friend, auction them, or sell them on the forums!

A more indepth tutorial can be found here.

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