Shock Switch titlescreen
'Shock Switch' is a game found in the Fairgrounds; it is played by keeping the stacks of colored squares (Power Cells) from reaching the top of the board. As new Cells fall, they can be moved right or left until they reach the bottom or land on top of another Cell. Line up three or more Cells in matching colors and they'll be eliminated, dropping whatever Cells they were under and lowering the height of the stacks. Eliminating Cells also adds a charge to the bar on the top left corner of the screen. Once this bar is filled, it can be activated (by pressing 's'), and all the Cells onscreen will be cleared.

Cells can also be swapped horizontally to match up, but new ones are always falling, so act quickly before the Cells reach the top and cause a game over!


  • Use the mouse to move or the left and right arrow keys
  • Swap power cells with left mouse click or 'e'
  • Shift game board up a level with right mouse click or space bar


  • Very Easy - Four block types, speeds of 4 and under
  • Easy - Four block types, speeds of 9 and under
  • Normal - Five block types, speeds of 19 and under
  • Hard - Six block types, speeds of 29 and under
  • Very Hard - Six block types, speeds of 30+


Shock Switch is often recommended as a good game to grind for treasure:

So there is a little trick to this one, which makes it the quickest way to earn treasure via the fairgrounds. Play on Easy mode. Fill the area with as many blocks as you can without ending your game and then click or switch the blocks (with the keyboard) wildly, starting at the bottom and working your way around. This means more combinations which in turn means more points. Neaten the blocks out and repeat. Do this several times. Once your score hits around 250k you can intentionally lose the game. This should net you around 10k treasure.
This method takes a bit of practice but once you get it right, you can earn 10k treasure within 6 - 10 minutes of playing.

ShockSwitch GameplayShockSwitch Fullcharge

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