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Region Lightning

The dry, rolling dunes of the Shifting Expanse are defense enough for the wicked, industrious dragons that call the desert their home. Under the employ of the Stormcatcher, the inhabitants of this land carve their roosts deep into the earth and on the hollowed insides of the towering mesas and buttes that line the coast. Miles of wrapped cables criss-cross valleys and canyons, linking harnessed electricity to unseen machines.

Region Information

Zone Element: Lightning

Reigning God: The Stormcatcher

Indigenous Life: Sparkling Crayfish, Jungle Raincatch


Highland Scrub

Lightning 0

An arid stretch of land that can be considered the region's most docile area. Low shrubbery clings to life in a place where moisture is precious, and hundreds of species of lizard and carrion bird clamor for supremacy in the wind and heat. Cactus plants provide well-wandering dragons with water enough to find the next shady spot.

Carrion Canyon

Lightning 1

On the edge of a crackling thunderstorm, this great canyon carves the region in two, providing a natural defense for the clans that live among the mesas to the east. This large divide is nearly devoid of life, with only the bones and corpses of creatures long dead to remind travelers that the cross is plenty dangerous.

The Lightning Farm

Lightning 2

An impressive array of rods and spires, thrust into the static-charged, superheated air. Atop these flats, lightning strikes these coils thousands of times an hour, providing energy to machines unseen. Hundreds of cables drape from mesa to mesa, like a vibrant, deadly spiderweb of concentrated energy.

Tempest Spire

Lightning 3

A large, central tower scraping the bottom of the stormclouds that scream and roar overhead. The air is deadly up here, torrents of powerful lightning clapping the metallic framework that holds this feat of technology together. It is from this conductor that the Stormcatcher bellows instructions to his employees below.

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