The Shadow Flight is one of the 11 flights in Flight Rising.

It is led by The Shadowbinder and residents live in the Tangled Wood. The element's eye color is purple. It is the largest flight as of March 18th, 2017.


Shadow Runestone

The shadow dragons of the Tangled Wood are tricksters. They prefer to be capricious and fickle, like the flickering shadows they manipulate. Of all the dragons, shadow dragons are the most enthralled by games, and delight most in winning, even if it means underhandedly. Game boards, tokens, and pieces are their favored treasure. The god of the Shadow Flight is the Shadowbinder.


Region Shadow

The Shadow Flight is located in the Tangled Wood. The Wood is bordered by the Earth, Plague, Water, Light, and Nature Flight territories. The land is separated into four parts: Driftwood Drag, Wispwillow Grove, Foxfire Bramble and The Forum of the Obscured Crescent.

Region Image Description
Shadow 0

Driftwood Drag

Hollow, rotted logs line the banks of the river delta, the silty flow impeded further by haphazard dams of wood, bark, and leaf-litter stuck together. The fertile lands and abundance of food to be found in the region attract all manner of local wildlife, and dragons are no exception. Roosts are routinely built using the natural dams, expanding heavily into above-ground draconic habitats.
Shadow 1

Wispwillow Grove

If any part of this darkened land can be called beautiful, it is the grove. All manner of giant glowing fungi dot the terrain, providing the only light that does not fight its way through the murk that hangs above. Among these mushrooms, trickster dragons chase firebugs and faeries, content to capture some for the eerie lanterns that illuminate their hovels and caves.
Shadow 2

Foxfire Bramble

The gnarled, twisting shapes of the Foxfire Bramble are sinister against the moonlight, and provide excellent defense to the clans that have painstakingly dug themselves hearths within. Beneath the crushing, thorny knots are some of the darkest places in the realm, and it is nearly impossible for even nocturnal creatures to see more than a few feet in front of them.
Shadow 3

Forum of the Obscured Crescent

A dirtied, muddied hovel, deliberately piled with debris from all the surrounding areas. It existed before the land was enveloped in shadow, constructed by an ancient civilization who, perhaps aware of its nature as a potent weapon against deception, built an open air temple around the pool. The Shadowbinder now claims the Forum as her fortress, fouling the pool with spoils and junk, rendering it useless as a clairvoyant tool.



Monsters and Familiars that can be directly related to the flight by their description and/or elemental affinity in the Coliseum.

Powers and Abilities

Shadow stats

Shadow Dragons rule over the element of Shadow.

Shadow-specific Battle Stones

Mist Slash
Mist Slash

A seething slash of dark energy. Deals physical Shadow damage to one target. May only be used by shadow dragons.

Dark Bolt
Dark Bolt

A frightening bolt of dark energy. Deals Shadow damage to one target. May only be used by shadow dragons.


Envelops the enemy in a dark mist. Has a chance to apply Blind. (Decreases the target's accuracy.) May only be used by shadow dragons.

Dark Acuity Fragment
Dark Acuity Fragment

When assigned, this fragment empowers one Shadow dragon with +2 Intellect.

Dark Might Fragment
Dark Might Fragment

When assigned, this fragment empowers one Shadow dragon with +2 Strength.

Game Play


The eyes of Shadow Dragons are purple.

Native Breeds

Shadow Dragon 1

Currently the Nocturne is the only breed native to the Tangled Wood.

Eggs & Nest

Egg Shadow

"A murky, swampy egg that is pulsating with a strange purple glow. The egg feels as though it might just be full of fluid, but now and again, a dark form can be seen moving within." - Unhatched Shadow Egg

Nest Shadow

Population and Players

As of January 15th 2016, the Shadow Flight has 28,799 members.

Trickmurk Circus

The Trickmurk Circus is the elemental holiday of the Shadow Flight. It takes place during the end of February.

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Shadow Flight Shadow Rune
God The Shadowbinder
Locations Tangled Wood
Events Trickmurk Circus


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