Region Plague

Like a wound in the center of the world, the Scarred Wasteland continues a campaign of destruction that began in an age where the Plaguebringer only had one enemy: her sister the Gladekeeper. Rot and runaway viruses pulse through the landscape, infecting the terrain as it spreads ever outward in a sick spiral of death and decay.

Region Information

Zone Element: Plague

Reigning God: The Plaguebringer

Indigenous Life: Winter's Delight, Wasteland Pauper


The Wandering Contagion

Plague 0

Like an expansive festering scar, the edges of the Filthy One's domain have taken on a border conquest of their own. Tendrils and membranes, thick and resilient, still creep into every pockmark and outcropping of land they can find. It will not be long until the encroachment begins to threaten foreign clans and flights.

The Abiding Boneyard

Plague 1

The arid, growing wastes that make up the majority of this land are broad and deadly, even for denizens hardened by biological adaptation. Few plague dragons make the trek from the thriving borderlands to the cauldron at the heart of the region, but those that do tell stories of travelers becoming lost for centuries, or even eternity.

Rotrock Rim

Plague 2

It is said that the ring of this immense crater is both a welcome sight and bittersweet image of pilgrims who challenge themselves in the boneyard. As with the borderlands, life - if it can be called that - thrives here. The long-forgotten indigenous shrubs and trees now silhouette this sudden upturn of earth in their new forms: twisted, grotesque, and pulsing. Alien roots and branches converge in a writhing, pestilent garden that reaches and strains for its food source at the heart of the pit.

The Wyrmwound

Plague 3

A veritable cauldron of disease, churned by the Plaguebringer herself, to design and release experimental strains of never-ending calamity. Even the dragons who settle along the crater's edge stay clear of this pustule lake, wary that any contact could wipe them out, or turn them into something monstrous.


The Scarred Wasteland's biome varies incredibly, from humid bone-dry.[1]



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