A cascade of red rose petals fall around you at all times. Inexplicable!


This item can be purchased in the Apparel section of the Marketplace for 24,000 Icon treasure


See AlsoEdit

               Red Rose Set
Red rose corsage
Red Rose Corsage
Tooltip 4star
A red rose corsage, a gift from a beloved someone.
Sell Value: 1650
Red rose flower crown
Red Rose Flower Crown
Tooltip 4star
A crown woven from fresh red roses. Made by a skilled nature dragon, this crown is enchanted to never wilt.
Sell Value: 1750
Red rose flowerfall
Red Rose Flowerfall
Tooltip 4star
A cascade of red rose petals fall around you at all times: inexplicable!
Sell Value: 2400
Red rose lei
Red Rose Lei
Tooltip 4star
Dozens of red roses in full bloom have been meticulously strung together to craft this beautiful lei.
Sell Value: 1550

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