• This item can be found in the following containers:
  • Can be bought for 13500 Icon treasure in the Apparel section of the treasure Marketplace.
  • This item can be obtained in the Coliseum at Bamboo Falls.


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               Red Birdskull Set
Red birdskull armband
Red Birdskull Armband
Tooltip 2star
A feathered armband adorned with small skulls and red beads. It is held together with braided twine and sinew.
Sell Value: 1500
Red birdskull headdress
Red Birdskull Headdress
Tooltip 2star
A hefty skull headdress, decorated with red tribal ribbons, threads, feathers, and beads. Wise dragons warn against the mystical and primal energies that surround pieces like this.
Sell Value: 1600
Red birdskull legband
Red Birdskull Legband
Tooltip 2star
An ornamental legband decorated with red feathers and bones. It is held together with braided twine and sinew.
Sell Value: 1450
Red birdskull necklace
Red Birdskull Necklace
Tooltip 2star
A loose-hanging fetish of skulls and red charms. The feathers are said to have medicinal properties for the wearer if held close to the heart.
Sell Value: 1350
Red birdskull wingpiece
Red Birdskull Wingpiece
Tooltip 2star
A long spindle of twine, beaded with red baubles and trinkets. There are feathers strung along each thread.
Sell Value: 1550