Baldwin's Bubbling BrewEdit

The recipe to create this item is available at level 10, takes twelve hours to brew, costs 100,000 Icon treasure, and gives 1700 XP.

It requires two Silver Muck, two Black Slime, one Blue Ooze, two Irradiated Alchemical Reduction, and twenty Powerful Serthis Poison.


Poison applies contrasting colors to a dragon's body. The patterns are reminiscent of poison dart frogs.

  • Poison on a male Tundra
  • Poison on a female Tundra
  • Poison on a male Snapper
  • Poison on a female Snapper
  • Poison on a male Wildclaw
  • Poison on a female Wildclaw
  • Poison on a male Imperial
  • Poison on a female Imperial
  • Poison on a male Ridgeback
  • Poison on a female Ridgeback
  • Poison on a male Coatl
  • Poison on a female Coatl
  • Poison on a male Guardian
  • Poison on a female Guardian
  • Poison on a male Spiral
  • Poison on a female Spiral
  • Poison on a male Fae
  • Poison on a female Fae
  • Poison on a male Pearlcatcher
  • Poison on a female Pearlcatcher
  • Poison on a male Nocturne
  • Poison on a female Nocturne
  • Poison on a male Mirror
  • Poison on a female Mirror
  • Poison on a male Skydancer
  • Poison on a female Skydancer
  • Poison on a male Bogsneak
  • Poison on a female Bogsneak
  • A colorwheel order preview of Poison and Toxin in all 67 original colors, using a male Pearlcatcher as the example.


  • Poison was added to Flight Rising on October 23rd, 2015.[1]


  • Poison is the primary counterpart to the Toxin secondary.
  • Poison was the first primary gene that was obtainable through Baldwin's Bubbling Brew.
    • This is also the first primary gene obtainable by something other than buying from the Marketplace.



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