Obtained ViaEdit

  • Marketplace: can be purchased for 1500 Icon gem in the Specialty section of the Gem Marketplace


This item can be applied to one dragon to give them petal and teardrop swirls across the body in the color of their primary. It also gives a splash of a different accent color, sometimes wildly different depending on the actual primary color.

  • Petals on a female Coatl
  • Petals on a male Coatl
  • Petals on a female Fae
  • Petals on a male Fae
  • Petals on a female Guardian
  • Petals on a male Guardian
  • Petals on a female Imperial
  • Petals on a male Imperial
  • Petals on a female Mirror
  • Petals on a male Mirror
  • Petals on a female Nocturne
  • Petals on a male Nocturne
  • Petals on a female Pearlcatcher
  • Petals on a male Pearlcatcher
  • Petals on a female Ridgeback
  • Petals on a male Ridgeback
  • Petals on a female Skydancer
  • Petals on a male Skydancer
  • Petals on a female Snapper
  • Petals on a male Snapper
  • Petals on a female Spiral
  • Petals on a male Spiral
  • Petals on a female Tundra
  • Petals on a male Tundra
  • Petals on a female Wildclaw
  • Petals on a male Wildclaw
  • Petals on a female Bogsneak
  • Petals on a male Bogsneak


  • This gene was introduced and previewed alongside its secondary counterpart, Butterfly, in the November 25th, 2015, volume of Words on the Wind[1]
  • It was released on April 14th, 2016 [2]


  • Petals was hinted at in the Weekly Q&A on October 5th, 2015[3][4]
  • Petals is the primary counterpart to the Butterfly secondary.



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