This retired familiar may now only be obtained by exchanging with other users.

Previous locationsEdit

One of this familiar was gifted to all current players on June 8th, 2015 in celebration of Flight Rising's second anniversary.

Baldwin's Bubbling BrewEdit

It was also possible to temporarily use Baldwin's Bubbling Brew to craft more of this familiar with 2 Copper Muck, 1 Silver Muck, 1 Gold Muck, and an additional cost of 50,000 Icon treasure from June 8th until June 9th.



This item can be equipped to dragons and bonded with for rewards. Only one of these familiars can be equipped at any one point, and any duplicates will not show up on the list of available familiars when trying to equip them. Your bonding levels with the familiar will not change when it's unequipped or sold.


  • The Loga was the first familiar able to be crafted at Baldwin's.
  • The Loga's fins on it's back have the letters "FR", a reference to the site's name, Flight Rising.
  • An alternate coloration known as 'Agol', which is 'Loga' backwards, can be crafted during NotN.