'Jigsaw' is a game in the fairgrounds, which can be played for fun and to earn treasure. Jigsaw is a game where, as the title suggests, you complete Flight Rising-themed puzzles while a timer tracks how long you take to do so. These puzzles draw from many aspects of Flight Rising - They can be of various dragons, the heads of each flight, a nest of dragon eggs, scenery, and more. Jigsaw has three difficulty settings, each with more pieces and greater rewards than the last. There is also a bonus for beating your previous time record, so at first, the faster you finish, the more treasure you are awarded! Eventually, it becomes difficult to complete a puzzle faster than your previous top time, and the treasure rewards level out.


Jigsaw has three difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, and Hard. The same pool of images is used to generate the puzzle on each difficulty, but the number of pieces used is increased.

Difficulty                                              Pieces Reward
Easy 48 (6 by 8) 1510Icon treasure (+ time bonus)
Normal 108 (9 by 12) 3600Icon treasure (+ time bonus)
Hard 192 (12 by 16) ??Icon treasure (+ time bonus)


Jigsaw is not usually recommended as a good game for grinding for treasure. The higher difficulty levels are prone to problems - if the internet connection is lost, there is no score, and all the time put into the puzzle is wasted. However, for people with slower connections, the Easy level is one of the most reliable ways to grind, as it doesn't rely on fast reflexes.


There are many puzzles to be found in Jigsaw, designed around many aspects of Flight Rising and its content. There are puzzles depicting dragons, each flight's deity, groups of dragon eggs, scenery from around the realm of Flight Rising, and more. Every puzzle has the Flight Rising logo, usually in a corner or along an edge, which is typically a good place to start assembling the puzzle (as the logo tends to stand out from the rest of the pieces). Puzzles will be described below along with a picture of what they look like when completed.

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