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The Ice Flight is one of the 11 flights in Flight Rising.

It is led by The Icewarden and residents live in the Southern Icefield. The element's eye color is pale blue or white depending on the breed. It is the 6th largest flight as of March 18th, 2017.


Ice Runestone

The frost dragons of the Southern Icefield are collectors. They prefer to be as rigid and cold as winter's chill. Of all the dragons, ice dragons are the most unemotional, carefully preserving the world around them to be later analyzed and catalogued. Fossils and artifacts are their favored treasures. The god of the Ice Flight is the Icewarden.


Region Ice

The Ice Flight is located in the Southern Icefield. The land is seperated into four parts: Frigid Flores, Snowsquall Tundra, Cloudscrape Crags and The Fortress of Ends. Its neighbours are the Starfall IslesThe Windswept PlateauThe Ashfall Waste and The Shifting Expanse Flight territories.

A fifth location, the Boreal Wood, can be accessed in the Coliseum

Region Image Description
Ice 0

Frigid Floes

This gleaming field of floes is a fleeting reminder of the former size and glory of the Southern Icefield, which once rivaled expanse of the northern continent. Recent warm weather and intrusions from the children of Fire and Lightning have contributed to the fractured landscape, each conflict pushing the puzzle pieces further apart.
Ice 1

Snowsquall Tundra

The only pockets of what can pass for wildlife now huddle themselves into the brush of the tundra, which blankets the heart of the icefield. Dense evergreen forests skirt the mountain ridges, and many dragon clans huddle in wicker caves and huts nestled deep in the trees for the better part of each year.
Ice 2

Cloudscape Crags

This desolate string of mountains overlooks the frozen waste, and are among the tallest in the world. Even the hardiest of the ice dragonflight keep their clans safely below the harshness of the peaks, as those who have ventured upward never return.
Ice 3

The Fortress of Ends

A frigid, unforgiving monument to the archaic past. From out of craggy, inhospitable terrain grow spires of impenetrable ice, covered in hoarfrost. Within these looming towers exist creatures, horrors, treasures, and even the ice flight's own denizens, trapped forever in unending preservation. And they are being watched...



Monsters and Familiars that can be directly related to the flight by their description and/or elemental affinity in the Coliseum.

Notable Flora, Fungi and Fauna

The following is strictly for edible items that have a description that can be clearly linked to the flight.

Gliding Ant
Gliding Ant

This ant is named for its ability to effortlessly skate across ice in search of food.

Arctic Lemming
Arctic Lemming

The Arctic Lemming is the most dastardly species of lemming.

Winter's Delight
Winter's Delight

They say this berry tastes sweetest when the weather's at its coldest.

Tundra Grub
Tundra Grub

Instead of hiding under rocks, the Tundra Grub hides in snowdrifts.

Snowshoe Rabbit
Snowshoe Rabbit

Foolish dragons plummet through banks of snow in pursuit of snowshoe rabbits.

Tundra Cactus
Tundra Cactus

It may seem odd to find cacti in the tundra, until you consider it's just a colder sort of desert.

Snowkissed Centipede
Snowkissed Centipede

The many black legs of this centipede make it easy find even in the worst snowstorms.

Frostbite Beetle
Frostbite Beetle

As this beetle is able to consume frozen plants with ease, its bite can be painful even to dragons.


The Winterbelle produces a hardy flower that can withstand being completely frozen. When it is thawed it produces a pleasant scent that attracts drowsy insects and dragons with a sweet tooth.

Materials and Miscellaneous

Materials and other items that can be directly related to the flight by their description and/or appearance.

Ice Runestone
Ice Runestone

An ancient stone bearing the ancestral rune of the Icewarden. Such a find should be kept as a prized possession.

Ice Chest
Crystalline Chest

A chest almost completely encased in ice. After several hours, it thaws, ready to be pried open.

Frigid Emblem
Frigid Emblem

A glowing ice rune; the sign of a true magical adept.

Frigid Armband

A cold jeweled armband, commonly worn by denizens of the Southern Icefield.

Frigid Fugitive Shackles

The frozen-over limbs of this dragon are forever bound by frigid shackles.

Eternal Snow
Eternal Snow

A clump of frigid snow. It does not appear to melt, even when placed somewhere warm. This can be traded at the Festive Favors shop during the Crystalline Gala.

Idol furry icewarden puppet
Furry Icewarden Puppet

A crudely-fashioned stuffed doll that resembles the Icewarden. The doll is constructed with exceptionally soft animal hide.

Egg Ice
Unhatched Ice Egg

A razor sharp egg crusted in hoarfrost. It is frigid and heavy, encasing a ferocious creature inside. A single crack is snaking its way across the shell.

Simple Harp
Simple Harp

A delicate handheld harp. Will you play a song of ice... or fire? Perhaps both?

Ice Crystal
Ice Crystal

A perfectly formed ice crystal. Incredibly valuable, until it melts.

Powers and Abilities

Ice stats

Ice Dragons rule over the element of Ice, which has been described as untouched cold. As proven by the Icewarden and Ice Eggs, freezing seems to be one of many possibilities. The element also appears to freeze over time, as proven with the transformation of the Southern Icefields and its native species, the Tundra Dragon. Clear ice and pure frost are a common theme.

Ice-specific Battle Stones

Freezing Slash
Freezing Slash

A frigid, painful slash of razor-sharp ice chunks. Deals close-combat Ice damage to one target. May only be used by ice dragons.

Frigid Bolt
Frigid Bolt

A focused attack of several razor-sharp ice shards. Deals Ice damage to one target. May only be used by ice dragons.


A frigid attack that will imprison the enemy in ice. Has a chance to apply Freeze. (Prevents the enemy from attacking.) May only be used by ice dragons.

Frozen Acuity Fragment
Frozen Acuity Fragment

When assigned, this fragment empowers one Ice dragon with +2 Intellect.

Frozen Might Fragment
Frozen Might Fragment

When assigned, this fragment empowers one Ice dragon with +2 Strength.

Game Play


The eyes of Ice Dragons range from pale blue to white.

Native Breeds

Ice dragon 1

Currently the Tundra is the only breed native to the Southern Icefield.

Eggs & Nest

Egg Ice

"A razor sharp egg crusted in hoarfrost. It is frigid and heavy, encasing a ferocious creature inside. A single crack is snaking its way across the shell." - Unhatched Ice Egg

Ice eggs are sharp and ice-crusted. It is cold and almost see-through. The eggs are kept inside a snowy hollow bordered by a dark weaving of branches.

Page Background

The Ice Background features a large expanse of ice floes. Pine tree forests and colorful flowers can be viewed across the tundra. The islands are broken near the edges with large crevices in the middle.

Population and Players

As of January 15th 2016, the Ice Flight has 21,199 members. 

Crystalline Gala

The Crystalline Gala is the elemental holiday of the Ice Flight. It takes place during the end of January.

Image Gallery

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God The Icewarden
Locations Southern Icefield
Events Crystalline Gala


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