Higher or Lower is a very simple game found in the Fairgrounds. On the left, you are shown a card with a number between 2 and 12 inclusive, and on the right is a face down card which can be any number 1 to 13. By clicking the arrows, you have to guess whether the face down card is higher or lower than the card shown. If you guess correctly you earn 65 Treasure and if you guess wrong you get nothing. You get 25 guesses per hour.

Higher or Lower is not a very good source of making treasure quickly. Even if you manage to guess all 25 right every time, you'll only make 1625 treasure per hour. On average, you are likely to make less. The probability of getting a given turn right is 10/13, or 50 treasure per turn. With 25 turns per hour, this means you are more likely to make 1250 treasure per hour.

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