This item can be purchased from the specialty section of the Treasure Marketplace for 160,000 Icon treasure.


Hex applies a mesmerizing geometric pattern across the dragon's wings.

  • Hex on a male Fae
  • Hex on a female Fae
  • Hex on a male Guardian
  • Hex on a female Guardian
  • Hex on a male Mirror
  • Hex on a female Mirror
  • Hex on a male Pearlcatcher
  • Hex on a female Pearlcatcher
  • Hex on a male Ridgeback
  • Hex on a female Ridgeback
  • Hex on a male Tundra
  • Hex on a female Tundra
  • Hex on a male Spiral
  • Hex on a female Spiral
  • Hex on a male Imperial
  • Hex on a female Imperial
  • Hex on a male Snapper
  • Hex on a female Snapper
  • Hex on a male Nocturne
  • Hex on a female Nocturne
  • Hex on a male Coatl
  • Hex on a female Coatl
  • Hex on a male Skydancer
  • Hex on a female Skydancer
  • Hex on a male Bogsneak
  • Hex on a female Bogsneak
  • Hex on a male Wildclaw
  • Hex on a female Wildclaw


  • Hex is the secondary counterpart to the primary gene Giraffe


  • This item was introduced on March 6th, 2016.[1]



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