Obtained ViaEdit



  • This item's description is a reference to the greed of European dragons in mythology


Gold Ore-Old

The old artwork.

  • This item got an art update on August 28th, 2016[1]

See AlsoEdit

               Precious Ores
Silver Ore
Silver Ore
Minerals & Ores
Tooltip 4star
Particularly useful should you ever meet a werewolf.
Sell Value: 60
Gold Ore
Gold Ore
Minerals and &Ores
Tooltip 5star
Known to drive dragons to do very foolish things.
Sell Value: 250
Platinum Ore
Platinum Ore
Minerals and &Ores
Tooltip 6star
For when gold just isn't good enough, or for when you sell a lot of albums.
Sell Value: 1000



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