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This item can be dug up in all 11 digging regions.

Swipp's Swapp StandEdit

This item can be obtained from Swipp with 3 Rusted Treasure Chests and 5 Gold Ore.


This chest is received when advancing the level of a familiar's bond to Awakened.



This container always drops a combination of 3 items, an amount of treasure, and some gems. The items dropped come in an amount of 1-5 (except for apparel and familiars which only drop one per slot), the treasure dropped is between 5,000-10,000, and the gems dropped is between 5-20. This container can also drop a familiar or a piece of apparel in place of one of the 3 items.





               See Also
Rusted Treasure Chest
Rusted Treasure Chest
Tooltip 4star
A dented chest that is rusted shut. A deft dragon may be able to pry the lock open. A strong one could probably smash it.
Sell Value: 0
Iron Treasure Chest
Iron Treasure Chest
Tooltip 5star
A hefty treasure chest made of oak and iron. The lock is strong, but can easily be broken by a strong dragon.
Sell Value: 0
Gilded Decorative Chest
Gilded Decorative Chest
Tooltip 6star
What a prize! This golden chest gleams in the sunlight and is decorated with jewels and beautiful platinum designs. It's extremely heavy. Surely there is something valuable within.
Sell Value: 0


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