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Genes are markings and patterns on a dragon that can be passed on to its offspring. There are three gene "slots" which determine the appearance of different portions of the dragon:

  • Primary genes determine the head, body, tail, legs, and ornamentation of the dragon.
  • Secondary genes determine the wings and possibly other ornamentation, such as a fae's cheek fins.
  • Tertiary genes determine either nothing (if Basic) or a full-body pattern overlay (if non-Basic).

Genes have different levels of rarity & corresponding odds of being inherited the way breeds do. Each gene slot-- Primary, Secondary, Tertiary-- operates independently of the others.

Items to change a gene can be purchased in the Specialty section of the Marketplace. Note that these items have no effect on a dragon's color, only the patterns.

Primary GenesEdit

The most prominent gene a dragon possesses, this gene covers the majority of the dragon's body. Primary genes display in all 67 available colors, and usually affect the dragon's head, legs, flank, belly, and tail (depending on the design).

Primary genes currently implemented and available are:

Primary - ALL
All of the current primary genes, as displayed on a sunshine coatl
CinnamonThiefAdded by CinnamonThief

Secondary GenesEdit

Secondary genes are commonly known as "wing genes," because the surface area they cover is nearly entirely located on a dragon's wings. Secondary genes display in all 67 available colors.

Secondary genes currently implemented and available are:

Secondary - ALL
All current secondary genes, as displayed on a sunshine secondary coatl
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Tertiary GenesEdit

Tertiary genes are unusual in that when the gene type is Basic, they are completely invisible. When a non-Basic tertiary gene is present, it applies some sort of patterning or decoration to the entire dragon, from snout to wingtip to tail, overlaying the primary and secondary genes.

Tertiary genes currently implemented and available are:

Tertiary - ALL
All current tertiary genes, as displayed by a sunshine tertiary coatl. Note that a basic tertiary = no visible tertiary
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Gene Rarity & InheritanceEdit

When offspring are produced, each gene slot has a chance of inheriting the mother or father's gene in that slot:

  • Offspring's primary gene can be the mother's primary gene or the father's primary gene.
  • Offspring's secondary gene can be the mother's secondary gene or the father's secondary gene.
  • Offspring's tertiary gene can be the mother's tertiary gene or the father's tertiary gene.

If both parents have an identical gene in a slot, the chance of inheriting the gene is 100%. For example, if both parents have a Tiger primary gene, all their offspring will have the Tiger primary gene. In the event that the parents have different genes in a slot, the two genes' rarity determines the likelihood of one or the other being passed on. Rarer genes have lower odds of being passed on when paired with more common genes. Basic is considered a common gene, while genes for sale in the Marketplace are considered uncommon to rare.


The information collected on this forum is on the frequency of gene inheritance through each possible pairing and is presented in the format below:

Gene #1 vs Gene #2: Number / Number – Percentage Gene

This is read as Gene #1 was tested against Gene #2, resulting in Gene #1 total occurrences / and Gene #2 total occurrences – meaning when breeding these two genes together, you have a Percentage chance of getting Gene, listing the rarer of the two tested genes.

Remember that depending on the total amount of trials for each experiment there is still an amount of experimental variance to the posted percentage, meaning that near-equal chances reported here are likely actually equal.



  • vs Clown: 1496/643 – 30% Clown
  • vs Speckle: 776/337 – 30% Speckle
  • vs Tiger: 1067/465 – 30% Tiger
  • vs All Treasure Genes: 3339/1445 – 30% Treasure Gene
  • vs Iridescent: 1110/72 – 6% Iridescent


  • vs Speckle: 239/264 – 48% Clown
  • vs Tiger: 353/351 – 50%
  • vs Iridescent: 1972/331 – 14% Iridescent


  • vs Tiger: 289/311 – 48% Speckle
  • vs Iridescent: 265/38 – 13% Iridescent


  • vs Iridescent: 806/90 – 10% Iridescent


  • vs All Treasure Primary Genes: 459/3043 – 13% Iridescent



  • vs Eye Spots: 829/313 - 27% Eye Spots
  • vs Freckle: 524/216 – 29% Freckle
  • vs Stripes: 799/341 – 30% Stripes
  • vs All Treasure Genes (no Seraph): 2152/870 – 29% Treasure Gene
  • vs Seraph: 605/94 – 13% Seraph
  • vs Shimmer: 1095/57 – 5% Shimmer

Eye Spots

  • vs Freckle: 111/ 93 – 46% Freckle
  • vs Stripes: 157/ 143 – 48% Stripes
  • vs Seraph: 473/136 – 22% Seraph
  • vs Shimmer: 2580/272 – 10% Shimmer


  • vs Stripes: 163/141 – 46% Stripes
  • vs Seraph: 149/51 – 26% Seraph
  • vs Shimmer: 548/52 – 9% Shimmer


  • vs Seraph: 607/205 – 25% Seraph
  • vs Shimmer: 711/89 – 11% Shimmer


  • vs Shimmer: 675/125 – 16% Shimmer
  • vs All Other Treasure Genes: 392/1229 – 24% Seraph


  • vs All Treasure Genes (no Seraph): 413/3839 – 10% Shimmer



  • vs Underbelly: 554/246 – 32% Underbelly
  • vs Crackle: 506/98 - 16% Crackle
  • vs Gembond: 1959/114 – 5% Gembond
  • vs Circuit: 1001/11 – 1% Circuit


  • vs Crackle: 382/118 - 24% Crackle
  • vs Gembond: 891/109 – 11% Gembond
  • vs Circuit: 602/4 – 1% Circuit


  • vs Gembond: 519/81 - 14% Gembond
  • vs Circuit: 486/18 - 4% Circuit


  • vs Circuit: 297/3 – 1% Circuit

Gene ItemsEdit

All created and found dragons, such as progenitors and dragons hatched from Unhatched Egg items, will have three Basic genes. Any dragon on the site with a non-Basic gene can trace it back to an ancestor who had a gene-changing item applied to it, or has had the item applied to it itself. Currently, all non-Basic genes are for sale in the Specialty section of the Marketplace for treasure or gems. There are also items to change a gene to Basic.

Players may casually refer to these items as "scrolls", not to be confused with actual scroll items such as Scrolls of Maturity.

The following gene items are available for sale in the Marketplace for Treasure:

Item Price (T)
Primary Gene: Clown 175,000
Primary Gene: Speckle 125,000
Primary Gene: Tiger 135,000
Remove Gene: Primary 10,000
Secondary Gene: Eye Spots 110,000
Secondary Gene: Freckle 90,000
Secondary Gene: Seraph 125,000
Secondary Gene: Stripes 90,000
Remove Gene: Secondary 10,000
Tertiary Gene: Underbelly 150,000
Tertiary Gene: Gembond 200,000
Tertiary Gene: Crackle 190,000
Remove Gene: Tertiary 10,000

The following gene items are available for sale in the Marketplace for Gems:

Item Price (G)
Primary Gene: Iridescent 1500
Secondary Gene: Shimmer 1200
Tertiary Gene: Circuit 1200

Upcoming GenesEdit

Currently there are four known genes planned for future release: Ghost tertiary, Points tertiary, Bar primary, and Daub secondary.

  • Ghost- Tertiary
  • Points- Tertiary
  • Bar- Primary
  • Daub- Secondary

The Ghost tertiary will be able to be crafted at Baldwin's Bubbling Brew [1]


  • The secondary gene Seraph was sponsored through the Flight Rising Kickstarter by warriorjames. It was added to Flight Rising on July 7th, 2013, approximately a month after launch.
  • The tertiary gene Underbelly was added to Flight Rising on September 12th, 2013.
  • The tertiary gene Crackle was added to Flight Rising on November 30th, 2013.
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