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Food in Flight Rising replenishes your dragons' Energy, and comes in four types: Insects, Meat, Seafood, and Plants. Each breed of dragon will eat only a particular type or types of food:

Breed Food(s)
Fae Insects
Guardian Meat, Seafood, Plants, Insects
Mirror Meat, Seafood
Tundra Plants
Pearlcatcher Plants, Insects
Ridgeback Seafood
Snapper Plants, Seafood
Spiral Insects, Meat
Imperial Seafood, Meat, Plants, Insects
Wildclaw Meat
Skydancer Insects, Plants
Coatl Seafood
Nocturne Meat, Insects

Obtaining FoodEdit

Food items can be obtained through Gathering or by fighting in the Coliseum.


As your level in an area of gathering increases, the number and quality of food items you receive will also increase.

However, if you have dragons that eat Insects or Meat, it may be advisable to use the Coliseum as your primary method of collecting food.

The ColiseumEdit

When you fight creatures in the Coliseum, they have a chance to drop food items when they are defeated. At the lowest levels of the Coliseum, the enemies your dragons face will largely drop Insects and Meat; if your dragons can eat those foods, you may be best off using the Coliseum to collect food, and using your Gathering turns to Dig and Scavenge for treasures and materials. (However, you may want to save your Gathering turns until after your adventure in the Coliseum, in case you don't get any food drops.)

Feeding your dragonsEdit

If you have food in your stores, you can feed all of your dragons at once by using the Feed button in your Dragon Lair. There are three rules to remember:

  • Dragons are fed in the order in which they are listed. If you have two dragons and only one food item, the dragon that is listed first in the Dragon Lair will be fed. If you are short on food, you might want to move the dragons with the lowest energy to the front of your lair to ensure that they are fed.
  • If a dragon can eat more than one kind of food, it will prefer the type of food listed first in its description, and go down the list if you don't have its first choice. For instance, a Guardian dragon likes "Meat, Seafood, Plants, Insects". When you feed a Guardian dragon, it will eat meat if you have any; if you don't have any meat, it will eat seafood; if you don't have any seafood, it will eat plants; and if you don't have any plants, it will eat insects.
  • One food will replenish one Energy. If your dragon needs to recover 1 Energy, it will eat 1 food item; if it needs to recover 5 Energy, it will eat 5 food items. If your dragon is at full Energy, it won't eat! There is therefore no benefit in waiting to feed your dragons; you should feed them whenever you see their Energy drop.

Converting food storesEdit

When you collect food items from Gathering or the Coliseum, you need to convert it from an item in your Hoard to food that your dragons can eat. This is done by going to your Hoard, selecting the Food tab, selecting the items that you want to convert to food, and pressing the Convert button at the bottom. (If you want to convert all of your food items to food, you can simply click the Select All button at the bottom and then press Convert.)

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