Flight Rising is a social web-based activity site featuring dragon breeding, adventuring (a planned feature not yet implemented), combat, and collecting. It puts you in control of your own clan of dragons, allowing you to breed them, specialize their abilities and stats, and adorn them thousands of different ways with a variety of apparel and skins.

Creating an AccountEdit

The site does not have full-time open registration as of yet, but the admins are working on having the site open for new players to join at any time. For now, they open monthly 'windows' that allow new players to register. These windows used to be for 24 hours several months apart but have been getting more frequent and are now guaranteed to one week long opening each month on its second Sunday[3]. News of exactly when the window will be opening can be found on the site itself and on its various social media sites.

Choose element

The element selection screen

Once your email has been verified, the site will prompt you to choose of the 11 Elemental Flights for your dragon clan to belong to. This choice only has one gameplay effect - the eye color of all the dragons you hatch from your own nests. This is because the region in which a dragon is born in influences what type of element they are attuned to. This is displayed through eye color.

Ex: If you choose Nature as your flight, all dragons that hatch from your Nesting Grounds will have green eyes regardless of the parents' eye colors.

After your choice of flight is confirmed, the deity of that flight will gift you 50 of each food point type and 50 treasure. Immediately after, you will be taken to where you can choose the breed, sex, and two visible colors of your first dragon. However, your dragon also has a third unseen color that you cannot choose. This color will only be visible when non-basic tertiary genes are applied.



You will begin your journey with two dragons: the one that you have designed and another of the opposite sex with fully randomized gene coloration. These two can be paired to produce a clutch of eggs (1-5) which must then be incubated for about 5 days. Breeding is the central focus of Flight Rising. It can be strategic, such as only introducing the colors you want, or it can be open, such as breeding as quickly and as often as possible to create the biggest clan you can. This is left up to you to decide!

1 Nest Upgrades

A male Fae and a female Tundra nesting in Plague territory.

Breeding allows the passing down of genes, which will be inherited from the two parent dragons only (Flight Rising does not operate on a Mendel System). Using this system, players can acquire dragons that meet their aesthetic choice, and continue to breed them together to achieve desired color outcomes.

Ex: Breeding a blue dragon and a green dragon will likely produce dragons between those colors on the spectrum. i.e. blue, blue-green, teal, turqoise, green, etc.

Genes come in a large array of colors, but also in a set of styles, such as Tiger stripes, Speckles, and many more.

Feeding, Energy, & Clan SatisfactionEdit

In order to participate in several site features (breeding, combat, etc.), dragons must have enough energy. Energy is represented as an orange bar directly below your dragon, and will slowly go down over time. In order to replenish this energy, dragons must consume food, which is visible in your dragon lair on the red bar that runs along the top of the website.

Food is accumulated by converting items that are gathered and stored in your clan's Hoard. Once food items are converted to food points, they can then be used to feed your dragons. You can feed your dragons by clicking the "Feed" button in your dragon lair. All dragons that can consume food points will do so.

(NOTE: Some dragons will only eat certain types of food, so be sure that when you are Gathering, you are catering to your clan members' diets! You can mouse over a dragon in your lair to identify what types of food they eat.)

In addition to keeping your dragons healthy and happy, feeding them regularly can also yield clan bonuses. If your clan's average energy level (all dragons' energy averaged out) is kept above 80% for three consecutive days, you will receive the following bonuses:

These bonuses will end if your clan's average energy falls below the 80% threshold. You can easily monitor the average energy level of your clan by the rainbow-colored bar in the top right corner of the site, near your avatar. The smaller, blue bar below it will display how many days you have kept your clan's energy level above 80%. This way, you can see how many more days it will take before you start receiving bonuses!

Dragons in Flight Rising will not die if they run out of energy, but will instead become ineligible to breed or participate in combat until their energy is replenished. So don't worry if you leave the site for a while, your dragons will be hungry, but will still be there when you come back.

Gathering ItemsEdit

One of your primary day-to-day activities will be gathering items for your clan's Hoard. Items range from the four food types (meat, seafood, plants and insects) to materials and other objects (scrolls, branches, artifacts, etc.) that can be useful in crafting or trading. Your clan will be able to perform 10 gathering turns each day, unless affected by bonuses from energy maintenance or Flight Dominance. Dominance gives 1 to 3 extra turns depending on if your flight is in the top three spots for that week.

To gather items, click "Gather Items" in the left-hand navigation menu, decide on a type of item to gather, and what region you would like to search in. Each elemental region in Flight Rising will yield varying types of items, so it's recommended to try them all out if you would like to have a variety for your collection!

Each gathering attempt will expend one turn, provide you with a random assortment of items, and net your clan gathering experience. The higher your experience, the larger the pool of available items will be to procure. Many valuable treasures await clans that have the experience to find them!

Collecting FamiliarsEdit

Familiars are friendly creatures that inhabit the world of Flight Rising. Due to their gentle demeanor, they are generally accepted as pets and companions to dragon clans, and can provide increasingly substantial benefits the more you bond with them. Acquiring familiars will fill out your Bestiary.


Hedgehog familiar

Each dragon in your clan is able to be paired with one unique familiar. This means that if you have two of the same type of familiar (ex: two Hedgehogs), you will only be able to pair one Hedgehog to a member of your clan. The other Hedgehog will remain in your Hoard. In order to reap the benefits of pairing a familiar, they must first become more comfortable with your clan. This is done through the act of bonding. Bonding can be done once a day by clicking the heart button below your familiar. Each bonding will increase the familiar's level of comfort within your clan, as well as award you with a small sum of treasure. In addition, each overall level increase (ex: from Wary to Tolerant) will award you a treasure chest that when opened gives you treasure and a handful of items.

Coliseum BattlesEdit

You can take your dragons into the Coliseum and face them off against a variety of colorful, dangerous monsters for loot and experience. Within the Coliseum, you can organize a party of up to three dragons, equip them with abilities (known as Battle Stones), allocate their stats, and pick a stage to fight within. Each stage has a recommended level range and is chock full of unique adversaries that may even drop a version of themselves to keep as a familiar!

In addition to fighting monsters, you can also test your clan against rivals within the same level range and compete for the highest rank. Rated matches against other players are a great way to practice, as they do not provide experience or deplete your dragons' energy. The top ten clans will be displayed on a weekly leaderboard in the Coliseum lobby.

Fairground GamesEdit

If you're in the mood for something a little more casual, you can try competing for some high scores in a selection of HTML5 mini games to earn treasure for your clan. The higher your score, the more treasure will be paid out. Additionally, you'll start off each day with a Lucky Streak - this caps the amount of treasure you can earn a day at 75,000. Many hours will have to be spent playing the mini-games before this hard cap will be met.

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References Edit

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