Familiars are friendly creatures that inhabit the world of Flight Rising. Due to their gentle demeanor, they are generally accepted as pets or companions to dragon clans. Familiars can assist in a wide variety of endeavors. What a Familiar is capable of depends on the intelligence of its species and the individual themselves.

For example, a companion animal amaranth moth would likely not be capable of sorting through clan records, while a befriended sapient member of a Beastclan may choose to help your dragon with that. Of course, just because a familiar can perform a task does not mean that they will. They may have their own tasks they wish to attend to.[1]

In terms of gameplay, they can provide increasingly substantial benefits the more you bond with them. Acquiring familiars will fill out your Bestiary.

Familiar lineup

Acquiring FamiliarsEdit

Familiars can be found in almost every part of the site.[2] Here are some of the places or activities in which you may acquire a familiar:

When you acquire a familiar, it goes to your hoard in the section labeled "Familiars". This also fills out your Bestiary. Unfortunately, the familiar has to stay on your account, either in your Hoard/Vault or equipped to a dragon, for it to count as acquired by the Bestiary. To view a list of familiars and learn more about the Bestiary, click here.

Festival FamiliarsEdit

It's been confirmed by Undel that each year, there will be different sets of familiars.[3] Every familiar bought from those festivals will match the elemental holiday that month, while each year, a different overarching theme will be used.

  • June 2013 - May 2014: Sprite Set
  • June 2014 - May 2015: Bear Set
  • June 2015 - May 2016: Elemental Acolyte Set
  • June 2016 - May 2017: Goblin Set
  • June 2017 - May 2018: Animal Spirit Set
  • June 2018 - Now: Ambassador Set

Pairing Familiars with DragonsEdit

Each dragon in your clan is able to be paired with one unique familiar.[4] This means that if you have two of the same type of familiar (ex: two Hedgehogs), you will only be able to pair one Hedgehog to a member of your clan. The other Hedgehog will remain in your Hoard.

Pairing a familiar is simple: Simply click on the dragon you wish to perform the pairing with, then click the "Change" button in the Familiar box. From the next menu, click a familiar from your inventory. And that's it!


In order to reap the benefits of pairing a dragon with a familiar, they must first become more comfortable with your clan. This is done through the act of bonding. Bonding can be done once a day by clicking the heart button below your familiar. Each bonding will increase the familiar's level of comfort within your clan, as well as award you with a small sum of treasure.

At the beginning of new level of comfort, your familiar will present you with a gift! Collecting and bonding with many familiars can thus be a satisfying and lucrative activity!

Once your familiar is awakened, it remains awakened even after you unpair the dragon and the familiar. However, if you entirely remove the familiar from your hoard/vault, its bonding level shown in the Bestiary displays "Locked". Bonding levels do not transfer through accounts so if you send an awakened Amaranth Moth to a friend who's never had one, it will be 'wary' for them.

Bonding Levels and RewardsEdit

The total reward for bonding with a single familiar until it reaches the 'awakened' stage is 2980 treasure along with 3 Rusted Treasure Chests, 2 Iron Treasure Chests, and 1 Gilded Decorative Chest. It will take 89 days of bonding for a familiar to reach Awakened status.[5]

Level Reward for Reaching Daily Treasure Days per Level Total Treasure Earned per Level
Wary None 15 Icon treasure 4 60 Icon treasure
Tolerant Rusted Treasure Chest
Rusted Treasure Chest
20 Icon treasure 8 160 Icon treasure
Relaxed Rusted Treasure Chest
Rusted Treasure Chest
25 Icon treasure 11 275 Icon treasure
Inquisitive Rusted Treasure Chest
Rusted Treasure Chest
30 Icon treasure 18 540 Icon treasure
Companion Iron Treasure Chest
Iron Treasure Chest
35 Icon treasure 22 770 Icon treasure
Loyal Iron Treasure Chest
Iron Treasure Chest
45 Icon treasure 25 1125 Icon treasure
Awakened Gilded Decorative Chest
Gilded Decorative Chest
50 Icon treasure

Retired FamiliarsEdit

These familiars are no longer available except from other users or as possible prizes in Roundsey's Raffle Roulette. The majority of these familiars are from the various elemental festivals, but a few are gifts from the admins or were obtained exclusively from the Kickstarter.[6]


  • Unlike dragons, a creature's eye color has no correlation to the type of magic it uses.[7]
  • While not a fast source of treasure, a player could theoretically make an infinite amount of treasure off of bonding with familiars.
    • Logging on and bonding with a single awakened familiar every day for a year will net 18250 treasure.
    • A full lair of dragons (175) each with their own awakened familiar will net 8750 a day by bonding and 3193750 per year. If the player is willing to sit through the tedious process, that is.