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The Fairgrounds, located under the Play header, is the hub for the games in Flight Rising. As of now there are only six games on the site.

These games enable players to compete for high scores, as well as earn a little bit of treasure on the side. Each game has various difficulty levels and a scoreboard for keeping track of the most accomplished gamers.

Fairgrounds games are generally puzzle-based. Each game has a slightly different flavor and objective, but all are aimed at making the experience relaxing and rewarding. If you are finding the lower difficulties a little dull, you can easily increase the challenge by either selecting a harder setting on the game's menu or consecutively beating easier levels.

Most Fairgrounds games are designed to reward treasure in accordance with your score. Generally, the higher your score is, and the better you perform, the more treasure you'll earn for your time invested.

Lucky StreakEdit

Each day, you will start with a Lucky Streak, which will allow Fairgrounds to payout treasure. Once you reach a total of 75,000 Icon treasure, your Lucky Streak will end and treasure accumulation will not be available again until the following day. However, the games themselves can be played indefinitely.


Planned GamesEdit

  • Courier - This game will revolve around the courier dragons and their valiant deliveries that we take for granted in our clan inboxes[1][2]


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  2. Tumblr Pre-Launch Q&As

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