The Earth Flight is one of the 11 flights in Flight Rising.

It is led by The Earthshaker and resides in Dragonhome. The element's eye color is light brown. It is the smallest flight as of March 15, 2018.


Earth Runestone
 The Earth Dragons of Dragonhome are monument builders. They prefer the consistency and eternal memory of the stone they shape. Of all the dragons, Earth Dragons revere their ancestors the most fervently, and remember the most about the first age. Gemstones are their favored treasures. The god of the Earth Flight is the the Earthshaker.


Region Earth

The Earth Flight is located in Dragonhome. Dragonhome consists of four parts: the Shattered Plain, Greatwyrm's Breach, Cairnstone Rest and the Pillar of the World. It is located near the top center of the map, and is bordered by the Plague and Shadow Flight territories, with the Nature territory being a neighboring island.

Region Image Description
Earth 0

The Shattered Plain

A rocky, barren expanse of skittering stone and parched, packed dirt lined and featured with innumerable cracks. It is amongst the larger rocks that the dragons here choose to roost, away from the shards of dancing stone. The difficult labour required to dig and sustain a lair in the Plain is the worst of the area's challenges, however, making it an ideal training ground for those intending to carve a living in the more dangerous parts of ancient Dragonhome.
Earth 1

Greatwyrm's Breach

The mighty break in the eggshell-shaped mountain range surrounding the Pillar, named for its visual allusion to the hatching of a new-born dragon. It is said that the gorge reaching westward towards the sea housed the first clans, and the intricate series of networked caverns that dot it support this claim. A storied realm for dragonkind, many of the old lairs here are known for their murals and cave-paintings telling of the ancient feats performed by the Elemental Gods in the shaping of the world.
Earth 2

Cairnestone Rest

Once an ancient burial ground, the Cairnstone Rest possesses the richest gem deposits in Dragonhome. Prospectors take care to avoid the imposing obelisks and standing stones, heeding well the warnings left for tomb robbers; however, in the digging of mines and expanding lairs, accidents can happen, and more than one clan has been driven from the area by skeletal wyrms. Creatures and dragons have been drawn to the battleground, calling for more to take arms either to defend their living and dead kin, or cull the intruders before too much harm is done.
Earth 3

The Pillar of the World

The sorrowful, crumbling remains of the final vestiges of peace between the elemental flights. It is this monument alone that towered above the world, acting as the base of a great magical shield whose purpose was to protect the land from the roaming Shade, a devouring plague of darkness. The Earthshaker has existed here for time immemorial, both guarding and mourning the structure that once held his brothers and sisters together.



Familiars that can be directly related to the flight by their description and/or elemental affinity in the Coliseum.

Notable Flora, Fungi and FaunaEdit

The following is strictly for edible items that have a description that can be clearly linked to the flight.


Although mistaken for pebbles on a regular basis, these acorns are definitely not made of rock and are actually quite tasty!

Mud Turtle
Mud Turtle

Mud turtles are often mistaken as flat-faces stones laying in moist riverbeds. Using them as stepping stones is not encouraged.


Earthworms despise rainfall; hundreds of thousands can be seen dotting boulders and cliffs as they escape flooding.

Leopard Gecko
Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckos often slap the sides of rocks and trees with their flattened tails to signal if predators are approaching.

Materials and MiscellaneousEdit

Materials and other items that can be directly related to the flight by their description and/or appearance.

Earth Runestone
Earth Runestone

An ancient stone bearing the ancestral rune of the Earthshaker. Such a find should be kept as a prized possession.

Veined Chest
Earth Chest

This box is encased in stone. When given a sharp tap, the stone crumbles, revealing a dusty chest.

Rockbreaker's Emblem
Rockbreaker's Emblem

A glowing earth rune; the sign of a true magical adept.

Stonekeeper's Armband
Stonekeeper's Armband

An amber jeweled armband, commonly worn by denizens of Dragonhome.

Eroded Crystalhide
Eroded Crystalhide

A calcifying layer of sandstone and granite is beginning to form and several large, radiant crystals are jutting from the shoulders.

Deepearth Geode
Deepearth Geode

A brilliant geode, dug from one of the deepest quarries in Dragonhome. This can be traded at the Festive Favors shop during the Rockbreaker's Ceremony.

Heavy Earthshaker Idol
Idol heavy earthshaker

A crudely-fashioned stuffed doll that resembles the Earthshaker. It is made of coarse wool pieces and filled with pebbles.

Unhatched Earth Egg
Egg Earth

A rough unhatched boulder of an egg. It is extremely heavy, and pebbles fall away every time it shakes. The hatchling within must be very strong.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Earth stats

Earth Dragons rule over the element of Earth, which has been described as heavy boulders or soil. As proven by the Earthshaker and Earth Eggs, rocks seem to be one of many possibilities. The element also appears to be the oldest one in the realm, as seen from the dry, destroyed highlands of Dragonhome and the world pillar. Ancient glyphs are a recurring theme. 

Earth-specific Battle StonesEdit

Rock Slash
Rock Slash

A jagged slash of pebbles and rocks. Deals close-combat Earth damage to one target. May only be used by earth dragons.

Boulder Bolt
Boulder Bolt

A focused heavy attack of several rock chunks. Deals Earth damage to one target. May only be used by earth dragons.


Assaults the enemy with granite spires. Has a chance to apply Petrify. (The target's defense is increased, but they cannot act.) May only be used by earth dragons.

Earthen Acuity Fragment
Earthen Acuity Fragment

When assigned, this fragment empowers one Earth dragon with +2 Intellect.

Earthen Might Fragment
Earthen Might Fragment

When assigned, this fragment empowers one Earth dragon with +2 Strength.

Game PlayEdit


The Eyes of Earth Dragons are light brown.

Native BreedsEdit

Currently the Snapper is the only breed native to Dragonhome.

Earth dragon 1

Eggs & NestEdit

Egg Earth

"A rough unhatched boulder of an egg. It is extremely heavy, and pebbles fall away every time it shakes. The hatchling within must be very strong." - Unhatched Earth Egg

Earth eggs are cracked and rocklike. They are covered in pebbles. The eggs are kept inside a dry, cracked dip in the ground with boulders and tufts of grass at the edges.

Nest Earth

Page BackgroundEdit

The layout of Earth Members pages features a vast barren plain. A sole tree grown on the left, and several chunks of gems or metals can be seen sticking out of rocks and cliffs. In the banner one can see the Pillar of the World, standing in the middle of a ravine.

Population and PlayersEdit

As of March 15th 2018, the Earth Flight has 10,309 members.

Rockbreaker's CeremonyEdit

The Rockbreaker's Ceremony is the elemental holiday of the Earth Flight. It is celebrated in late November.

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  • The Earth Flight is known for being the smallest flight. 
  • Because it is the smallest flight, Earth Dragons are also the rarest.
  • The flight is usually described as cozy and friendly, and overall has a good reputation on Flight Rising.
  • The Earth flight reached 10,000 members on January 14, 2018[1]
    • This milestone took two years longer that the other ten flights as they all surpassed 10,000 members by January 2016 with flights like Arcane and Shadow already in the 20,000s. At that time Earth only had around 6,000 members.
  • A list of user-made subspecies found in Earth can be found here

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