The layout of the dominance standings

The realm is embroiled in a perpetual conflict called Dominance.

Dominance is determined by a flight's dedication to exalting dragons. These dragons leave their home lairs to forever serve under their elemental deity, using their combined power to help combat the other flights, as well as the newly-emboldened Beastclan hordes.

The final tally of exalted dragons, and which flights wins dominance for the coming week, is calculated roughly 15 minutes prior to the Flight Rising server roll-over every Saturday night. Beware, however: If the Beastclans secure one of the three top slots, no flight will receive that slot's bonuses.

Although dominance battles aren't currently governed by any official rules or restrictions beyond the pre-programmed tally of exalted dragons, it has been customary since July 2013 to allow a flight to achieve a win for their corresponding elemental festival week. Organized efforts to achieve a dominance win over the extended courtesy are generally discouraged, though no unified consensus in any flight exists on the practice.


Exalted dragons contribute directly to a particular flight's dominance in the on-going battle between the 11 elements. The value of each dragon's contribution to this conflict is calculated based upon the dragon's level, and the total number of active clans within a given flight. A clan is considered inactive if the user has not logged in for two weeks [1]. As a simplified example, in a direct fight between 2 flights, one with 500 active clans and another with 1000 active clans, dragons exalted from the smaller clan contribute roughly double the value as those from the larger clan, which helps even the odds between the flights.

It is not presently known how much value is contributed by an individual dragon's level, only that higher levels are assumed to yield proportionately greater worth. Progenitors do not count towards dominance values.

If a Flight attains Dominance, Battle Weariness will kick in as the other Flights retaliate. While it will still be possible for that Flight to win in the next competition, it will be slightly harder than before. Exaltation credit for that flight (the value that exalted dragons contribute towards dominance) will be reduced by 10% for the next tally, and will continue to stack for each consecutive win thereafter.

On October 4, 2014, the dominance mechanics were changed slightly with the introduction of the beastclans. This update brought about the addition of second and third place dominance rewards as well as an NPC "clan" that competes for the top.


Flights generally make plans to exalt during a particular week, and it is known that virtually every private flight forum has stickied threads dedicated to assigning volunteers various tasks in preparation for a dominance push. Common roles include, but are not limited to:

  • Auction House 'snipers' that watch for and snipe on-sale, low-cost dragons either mature, or nearly mature, enough to level.
  • Storage Lairs that house groups of leveled and non-leveled dragons exclusively for exaltation. These can be in-flight or out-of-flight.
  • Food Gatherers tasked to buying, or using their daily allotment of gather turns, to support storage lairs with food
  • Coliseum 'trainers' capable of power-leveling, and exalting, large numbers of hatched or donated dragons
  • Breeders with more than the default 2 nests open, dedicated to producing clutches that can mature ahead of a domination attempt

The final tally of exalted dragons, and which flight wins dominance for the coming week, is calculated prior to the Flight Rising server roll-over every Saturday night, roughly 15 minutes before midnight PST.


Dominance Rewards

Dominance rewards listed for the dominating flight of the week.

Flight dominance doesn't just give a flight bragging rights, but also rewards the top three dominating flights with extra treasure per day and extra gathering turns. On top of that, flights placing 1st and 2nd are rewarded with discounts in the treasure Marketplace and discounted lair expansion. The discounts are available for the week immediately following a dominance win.

Reward TiersEdit

First Place

  • +1500 treasure a day
  • 15% off treasure marketplace items
  • 5% off lair expansions
  • +3 gathering turns

Second Place

  • +750 treasure a day
  • 7% off treasure marketplace items
  • 1% off lair expansions
  • +2 gathering turns

Third Place

  • +375 treasure a day
  • +1 gathering turns

Specialty DiscountEdit

The most sought out items are the gene and breed change scrolls, so here are the prices for these items with discounts for easy reference.

Prices for any item can be calculated by multiplying the discount by the item price and subtracting what you get from the normal price. For example, Freckle is 90,000 treasure normally. A first place dominance discount is 15%. 90,000 multiplied by 0.15 is 13,500. Subtract that number (13,500) from the original price (90,000) and the price of Freckle when your flight is in first place is 76,500 treasure.

Breed Change ScrollsEdit

Breed 1st Place 2nd Place
Fae 42,500 46,500
Guardian 42,500 46,500
Mirror 42,500 46,500
Tundra 42,500 46,500
Pearlcatcher 212,500 232,500
Ridgeback 212,500 232,500
Spiral 276,250 302,250
Snapper 276,250 302,250
Skydancer 340,000 372,000

Primary GenesEdit

Gene 1st Place 2nd Place
Bar 212,500 232,500
Cherub 157,250 172,050
Clown 148,750 162,750
Falcon 144,500 158,100
Giraffe 191,250 209,250
Jaguar 119,000 130,200
Jupiter 195,500 213,900
Piebald 199,750 218,550
Ripple 212,500 232,500
Savannah 119,000 130,200
Speckle 106,250 116,250
Tiger 114,750 125,550
Vipera 199,750 218,550
Tapir 157,250 172,050

Secondary GenesEdit

Gene 1st Place 2nd Place
Current 140,250 153,450
Daub 140,250 153,450
Eye Spot 93,500 102,300
Freckle 76,500 83,700
Hex 136,000 148,800
Hypnotic 157,250 172,050
Paint 140,250 153,450
Peregrine 119,000 130,200
Rosette 85,000 93,000
Safari 83,300 91,140
Saturn 136,000 148,800
Seraph 106,250 116,250
Stripes 76,500 83,700
Striation 102,000 111,600

Tertiary GenesEdit

Gene 1st Place 2nd Place
Contour 127,500 139,500
Crackle 161,500 176,700
Gembond 170,000 186,000
Okapi 161,500 176,700
Lace 131,750 144,150
Runes 161,500 176,700
Smoke 161,500 176,700
Spines 161,500 176,700
Thylacine 131,750 144,150
Underbelly 127,500 139,500
Ghost 136,000 148,800


  • Battle weariness was added on July 10th, 2013[2]
  • The dominance page layout was updated on October 4th, 2014 along with the addition of the Beastclans fighting for dominance[3]