The Crossroads are where wandering dragons come together and make item trades, currency swaps, or even leave their homes to start a life somewhere else. You can use the Crossroads to trade items, currency, dragons, and any combination in between. Unlike the Auction House, there is no transaction fee taken from any treasure you get from the crossroads.

The Crossroads includes a trade details chat, wherein players may exchange messages and coordinate the parameters of their deal. Once the trade has been completed, it will be saved in a receipt for both players to reference at a later date, chat and all. This chat may come in handy if players want to refine negotiations before committing.

Each trade requires both parties to review and accept one another's contributions before moving to a finalized stage, and each party has the option to cancel the trade if they so choose, up until its finalization by the starting player. If for some reason the dragons, items, or currency laid out in the contribution windows are no longer present in one or more of the parties' inventories (Ex. one person moved all their contributions to their Vault), an error will be generated when an attempt is made to finalize it.

A player is able to trade up to three dragons, 36 unique stacks of items, and whatever amount of currency they want in one offer.[1]

Dragon EligibilityEdit

Dragons can be traded as long as the following rules are met:

  • Dragons cannot have apparel or skins equipped.
  • Dragons cannot be paired with a familiar.
  • Dragons cannot currently be caretaking a nest (5 days following breeding).
  • Dragons cannot be up for auction.
  • Dragons cannot have become a part of another user's lair since the offer was requested.
  • Dragons cannot be part of a coliseum battle party.
  • Dragons cannot be one of your progenitors.

One-Way TradesEdit

Along with the normal trade capacities you can also use the Crossroads to send items and dragons in a one-way delivery, something that could not be done in the old Crossroads. These deals are "fast-tracked" directly to the finalization phase for the receiving player and need only be accepted or rejected to be completed. This function is ideal for those who just want to send quick gifts or dragons for Dominance exalting.


  • The older version of the Crossroads, which was removed on March 19th, 2016, only allowed players to send one dragon for one dragon or one dragon for currency.



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