Crim-Pinkertons sister

Crim is a female Tundra Dragon in Flight Rising. She maintains a cart at the Trading Post, where she collects strange and unusual items from players in exchange for treasure, of which she seems to have an unlimited amount.

Crim loves collecting items. Each hour, she has a new list of five items she wants, along with the amount of treasure she's willing to give players for the items. If the a player has the item she wants, it can be traded for the indicated amount of treasure. If the player doesn't have the item, or prefers not to trade it, that offer can be abandoned in favor of asking for a new one until five offers have been made.

Once Crim's offers have been exhausted, (indicated by a number above and to the right of her picture), she will claim to be cataloging new additions to her hoard, and asks the player to return at the top of the hour for a new list.

Despite Crim's claim that she catalogs the items that she collects, her brother, Pinkerton, refers to her collection as a "...monstrous pile of stuff," and sees her desire to collect as a sickness.


  • One of Tomo's questions is "What color dragon is Crim the Collector?" and the answer is "Mulberry and Ivory," seeing as she has a basic Mulberry primary, and a basic Ivory secondary.
  • Crim is from Fire Flight.[1]
  • The amount Crim offers is 500 Icon treasure for anything under 250 Icon treasure hoard sell value (including items with a sell value of 0) and double the hoard sell value for anything else.
  • Before the September 10, 2014, Crim seemed to ask for any existent item, much to the dismay of many users who had accidentally traded (often rare/expensive) things to Crim. This disappointment prompted many to suggest solutions.[2][3]
    • The FR site administrators responded to complaints/suggestions by inserting a confirmation dialog box to give users a chance to back out of an undesirable trade.
  • Crim is one of the images featured in the Jigsaw game in the Fairgrounds.

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