The Clan Home index.

A clan is a group of a single player's total dragons and familiars. Clan also refers to an index page on Flight Rising. The Clan Home index, accessible from the lefthand menu on any Flight Rising page, consists of links to the following:

Nesting GroundsEdit

From the nesting grounds you can breed your dragons and incubate their eggs. If you have an empty nest you can also preview possible offspring of two dragons.

Dragon LairEdit

Your lair is where all your dragons are kept. From the lair page you can feed and rearrange your dragons or click on their images to bring you to a single dragon's page.


Gather allows you to send your dragons out to collect food or items from out in the world. You can hunt, fish, catch insects, or forage for food. If collecting is more your thing, you can dig for ores, materials, chests, or even try to scavenge for unhatched eggs!


Your user profile shows your account information. It displays your flight, bestiary count, achievement points, number of posts, when you joined, number of friends, your birthday, and any recent activity. It also gives other users a quick link to your lair.


Your hoard functions as an inventory. It is divided into sections based on items categories. Items can be stacked to up to 99 of each, excluding familiars and apparel. You can sell things directly from your hoard for their listed price, though you can often get more for them from Crim or other players in the Auction House. Your hoard is also where you convert food into food points.


Your bestiary is a record of all the familiars you own.


Your inbox keeps track of sent and received messages. You can write to other players from here as long as you know their username already. You can use the message system to send items or treasure/gems to people. You cannot send dragons in the mail. They don't fit in envelopes. Try the Crossroads instead.