Marketplace Edit

This item can be purchased in the Apparel section of the Marketplace for 10,000 Icon treasure

Loot Edit

This item can be found in the following containers:



A piece of apparel that can be equipped to a dragon. When equipped, the dragon will be wearing it over their eyes.

Baldwin's Bubbling BrewEdit

As with all apparel items, this item can be transmuted at Baldwin's to produce a random color of slime.


See AlsoEdit

               Brass Steampunk Set
Brass steampunk gloves
Brass Steampunk Gloves
Tooltip 2star
Two large clunky gloves that are covered in extraneous brass gears and plating. The more gears, the better!
Sell Value: 700
Brass steampunk goggles
Brass Steampunk Goggles
Tooltip 2star
Tinted goggles of polished brass. They're perfect from shielding a dragon's eyes from soot, smoke, or water. That is, until they get steamed up. The color is purely cosmetic.
Sell Value: 1000
Brass steampunk scarf
Brass Steampunk Scarf
Tooltip 2star
A banded scarf adorned with brass gears and shining embroidery. Scarves are almost entirely unnecessary on dragons.
Sell Value: 800
Edgar placeholder
Brass Steampunk Spats
Sell Value: N/A
Edgar placeholder
Brass Steampunk Tail Bauble
Sell Value: N/A
Edgar placeholder
Brass Steampunk Vest
Sell Value: N/A
Edgar placeholder
Brass Steampunk Wings
Sell Value: N/A

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