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Region Fire

The tumultuous, heated lands of the Flamecaller are the heartbeat of the world. It is said that whenever the land is pained, searing canyons and geysers emerge from the bedrock, and it is the Fire Flight that exploits this unrest, shaping and manufacturing the terrain however they see fit. They are hardened and relentless in their industry, filling the skies with an acrid haze of smokes and steams.

Region Information

Zone Element: Fire

Reigning God: The Flamecaller

Indigenous Life: Coral Snake, Leech


Emberglow Hearth

Fire 0

In the northern region of fire, the magma vents are gentle and free of the volatile pressure troubling the rest of the realm. Small fiery pools form, attracting edible salamanders and fireflies and providing natural open-hearth furnaces, ideal for apprentice metalworking dragons. Able to supply both utility and sustenance in vast quantities, the Emberglow Hearth is a popular starting point for fledgling lairs.

Molten Scar

Fire 1

From above, the Molten Scar appears as a fiery, violent wound gouged relentlessly into the landscape. It reaches eastward and is comprised of disjointed tectonic plates that crash thunderously into one another as they drift on the liquid rock. Rare metals are revealed in this back-and-forth exchange, and the open gaps are alive with dragons eager to plunder the veins before the next collision knocks the unclaimed ore into the melting pot below.

Blacksand Annex

Fire 2

This obsidian coastline is blanketed in flowing lava and a scalding steam-mist at the water's edge. The land is fluid and soft: an open canvas - unmolded clay needing a crafter's hand. The Annex beckons to those flights eager to make a lasting impression on the landscape and thus to cement their places by the Flamecaller's side. However, this builder's paradise is marred by inexplicable events and dreadful shapes moving deep in the pervasive mist.

The Great Furnace

Fire 3

Anchored into the thick, glassy obsidian by immense drills, a mighty platform perches over the crater of the continent's largest and most active volcano. The intricate architecture is shrouded in a billowing cloud of ash and acrid smoke, but the glowing lava powering the forge workshop highlights the fire-tinged silhouettes of the furnaces and smelters furthering the Flamecaller's efforts. Reserved for the largest lairs.

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