The Arcane Flight is one of the 11 flights in Flight Rising.

It is led by The Arcanist and residents live in the Starfall Isles. The element's eye color is bright pink. It is the 2nd largest flight as of March 15th, 2018.


Arcane Runestone

The arcane dragons of Starfall Isles are dreamers. They prefer the allure of the unknown and mysterious nature of the magical energies that bind the universe together. Of all dragons, Arcane dragons are the most curious, pursuing their theories and their dreams, often oblivious to the effects that their dogged pursuits may have on the world around them. Meteors and runestones are their favored treasures. The god of the Arcane Flight is the Arcanist.


Region Arcane

The Arcane Flight is located in Starfall Isles. The land is separated into four parts: Crystalspine Reaches, Starwood Strand, Focal Point and The Observatory. The Isles is bordered by the Plague Flight territory to the east, with the Ice and Earth territories as neighboring islands to the south and northeast, respectively.

Region Image Description
Arcane 0

Crystalspine Reaches

This mighty mountain range once stood straight and tall, but as the realm transformed, so did the Reaches. The peaks now curve inward, pointing directly toward the Observatory and creating a concave and sheltered realm for younger flights to nurture their nascent powers and to grow accustomed to the warping energies of the land. The dragons here mine the peaks and use their fledgeling magic to send large plinths of crystal to their patron.
Arcane 1

Starwood Strand

To stand inside of the Star Wood at night is be embraced by an infinite universe. Along this former shoreline, the trees stretch skyward and grow taller than anywhere else. At night, they blossom and reveal millions of flowers winking in the moonlight like so many stars. It is a place for inspiration and thought. Many dragons discover their genius here, but many more become lost to the dangers hidden in its beauty.
Arcane 2

Focal Point

Once a low island, Focal Point now threatens to tower over even the Crystalspine Mountains. The earth here longs to join the sky, pulling upwards in cascading towers of rock and crystal. The vast energies at play affect the outer lands and make the skies a dangerous litter of resources sent in to feed the Observatory. The true threats, however, to those living here are the strange, alien creatures riding the meteors that rain upon the land...
Arcane 3

The Observatory

Sitting atop the highest reaches of Focal Point, the Observatory stands lonely, its Eye of Many Lenses staring deep into the darkest quadrants of space. The Arcanist broods by candlelight within as his four frail arms feverishly scribble the knowledge of the cosmos into ancient tomes of countless pages. Forbidden words rolling off of enchanted tongues echo through the the archaic structure bound in runes formed through years of applied magical sciences.



Familiars that can be directly related to the flight by their description and/or elemental affinity in the Coliseum.

Notable Flora, Fungi and FaunaEdit

The following is strictly for edible items that have a description that can be clearly linked to the flight.

Aether Hermit
Aether Hermit

Some say this crab can shoot beams of arcane energy at foes, but this one only pinches. Maybe it's out of mana?

Fallout Whisper
Fallout Whisper

These moths fly erratically around the sites of Arcanists experiments. They make your tongue glow when eaten. 


Like its cousins, the hardshell curls into a ball when threatened. Unlike its cousins, it can also levitate.

Satin Mouse
Satin Mouse

Living in arcane-infused field does strange things to Satin Mice. All that matters is they're magically delicious.

Runic Pug Moth

In a flash of green light this moth expires. The runic symbols emblazoned on its wings mark it as another dragon's familiar! Better hide the evidence...


While Manaweed supposedly gives Satin Mice their peculiar intellect, it doesn't make dragons any smarter.

Orchid Beetle
Orchid Beetle

Found in the Starwood Strand, this nocturnal beetle gets its vivid coloration from the plants it eats.

Materials and MiscellaneousEdit

Materials and other items that can be directly related to the flight by their description and/or appearance. 

Arcane Runestone
Arcane Runestone

An ancient stone bearing the ancestral rune of the Arcanist. Such a find should be kept as a prized possession.

Arcane Chest
Cerebral Chest

The runic script on this chest swirls and shifts before your eyes. When the chest is handled the runes flare, then wink out.

Starseer's Emblem
Starseer's Emblem

A glowing arcane rune; the sign of a true magical adept.

Starseer's Armband

A pink jeweled armband, commonly worn by denizens of the Starfall Isles.

Archivist's Spellscroll

A long, wrinkled scroll inscribed with countless glowing runes. Legend has it that the Arcanist himself forged this document.

Starseer's Sash
Starseer's Sash

A ceremonial sash gifted to those who have brought honor to the Starfall Isles.

Magical Shard
Magical Shard

A solidified chunk of pure magical energy, pulsating slowly. This can be traded at the Festive Favors shop during the Starfall Celebration.

Companion Comet
Companion Comet

A friendly celestial body.

Idol exotic arcanist
Exotic Arcanist Idol

A crudely-fashioned stuffed doll that resembles the Arcanist. The fabric is exotic, but the doll feels like it could fall apart if not handled delicately.

Egg Arcane
Unhatched Arcane Egg

A quivering, unhatched arcane egg. It is glowing pink and violet with strange energies. An irregular thumping is coming from within.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Arcane stats

Arcane Dragons rule over the element of Arcane, which has been described as pure magic. As proven by the Arcanist and Arcane Eggs, levitating seems to be one of many possibilities. The element also appears to have great effect on its surroundings, as seen with the transformation of the Starfall Isles and the wildlife in it. Runes are a recurring theme. 

Arcane-specific Battle StonesEdit

Rune Slash
Rune Slash

A magical slash of focused mana. Deals close-combat Arcane damage to one target. May only be used by arcane dragons.

Mana bolt
Mana Bolt

A focused bolt of arcane energy. Deals Arcane damage to one target. May only be used by arcane dragons.


Summons an ominous runic circle beneath the enemy. Has a chance to apply Amplify (Increases magical damage against the target). May only be used by arcane dragons.

Magical Acuity Fragment
Magical Acuity Fragment

When assigned, this fragment empowers one Arcane dragon with +2 Intellect.

Magical Might Fragment
Magical Might Fragment

When assigned, this fragment empowers one Arcane dragon with +2 Strength.



The eyes of Arcane dragons are bright pink.

Native BreedsEdit

Currently the Fae is the only breed native to the Starfall Isles


Eggs & NestEdit

Egg Arcane

"A quivering, unhatched arcane egg. It is glowing pink and violet with strange energies. An irregular thumping is coming from within." - Unhatched Arcane Egg

Arcane eggs are perfectly round and float in the air. Two pink rings encircle them. They are kept within a crystal formation surrounding a small, elevated piece of land covered in lush grass.

Nest Arcane

Page BackgroundEdit

The Arcane background features a grassy landscape in front of the ocean. Several crystal formations grow from both land and sea. The sky is cloudy, warm yellow in color. Whether this is related to magical energies is currently unknown.

Population and PlayersEdit

As of March 15th 2018, the Arcane Flight has 47,562 members.

Starfall CelebrationEdit

The Starfall Celebration is the elemental holiday of the Arcane Flight. It takes place during the end of September.

Image GalleryEdit


  • The Arcane Flight is famous for its eye color. In fact, the eye color may be one of the reasons why so many people left the Arcane Flight once Flight Change was introduced. However, many people have also joined Arcane for the eye color. Arcane remains one of the biggest flights.
  • A list of user made Arcane Subspecies can be found here.

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