Dragons in Flight Rising are able to be equipped with unique apparel.

This apparel can be moved between dragons of your own clan, but dragons cannot be traded, put to auction, or exalted with apparel on. Apparel can be bought with both gems and treasure, though some items are only buyable via gems unless sold again through the Auction House for treasure. All apparel can be sold or bought on the Auction House, and this is the only way to obtain Retired Apparel.

Apparel slotsEdit

You begin with six open slots available for your dragons, with an additional fourteen locked. Buying more slots requires gems, and the slots get progressively more expensive. Purchasing a slot from any dragon's apparel list opens up the same slot for all dragons in your clan.

  • 7th slot - 50 Icon gem
  • 8th slot - 50 Icon gem
  • 9th slot - 75 Icon gem
  • 10th slot - 75 Icon gem
  • 11th slot - 100 Icon gem
  • 12th slot - 100 Icon gem
  • 13th slot - 150 Icon gem
  • 14th slot - 150 Icon gem
  • 15th slot - 200 Icon gem
  • 16th slot - 200 Icon gem
  • 17th slot - 250 Icon gem
  • 18th slot - 250 Icon gem
  • 19th slot - 300 Icon gem
  • 20th slot - 300 Icon gem

Item CollectionsEdit

Currently, there are numerous in-game sets that can be collected, though all of their parts can be mixed and matched between all of your dragons. These "collections" are made up of the set's pieces and their various recolors. They can be divided into two categories based on how they can be purchased though some gem apparel can be part of a largely treasure-bought collection. Note that all gem items can be sold again on the auction house for treasure.



Baldwin's Bubbling Brew

Standalone ItemsEdit

There are numerous items that are not a part of any set, but can be added as great accents to your own dragon's style.



Special Events

Below is a list of all onsite apparel

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